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 Pearson MyMISLab Book, Technical and Customer Support


Pearson MyMISLab Book, Technical and Customer Support

The link below is for the Pearson Student Registration Process.

Pearson Student Registration Instructions

Use Course ID: lavin57997

Pearson Technical Support


  • Pearson has established a dedicated tech support hotline for Temple students having technical issues with the Pearson platform.  That number is 855-875-1797.
  • You should access the following resources to help you access and understand how to use the Pearson e-Textbook and the MyMISLabs tools which are required for the course.  Check out the interactive Student User Guide and Student Videos available 24/7 on the Student Support page of the MyMISLab website to help answer all your questions about using MyMISLab.


Search the knowledge base or ask a question

Phone – Temple Priority Number



Monday through Friday 11am – 7pm



Available 24/7

Link at

The Pearson Customer Experience Team wants to help you have the best possible teaching experience with MyMISLab, so please do not hesitate to contact them at:

Important: Please don’t send the instructor or T/A’s an email if you are having issues with the Pearson tools, until you have contacted tech support first.  95% of all technical issues can be resolved by the Pearson Tech Support desk.