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7 Top Futurists Make Some Pretty Surprising Predictions About What The Next Decade Will Bring

The article I chose explains what some top futurists think may be the next up and coming technology advances in our society. The futurists are not just any old blogger, they are well-represented physicists, scientists, CEO’s, etc. Some top theories include

-A switch from the internet to the brain-net (where thoughts, feelings, emotions can be shared instantaneous)

-3D printing will be an asset businesses can utilize such as big warehouses that produce a large amount of products

-Virtual and augmented realities will be where we spend a considerable amount of our time.

-Wearable mobile devices will blanket the market.

-Predictive medicine will change health care

-Artificial intelligence becomes as smart and smarter than humans.

All these advances come from the on-demand economy that we live in today. This represents the automation of day-to-day activities can be simplified to make our lives easier. Examples such as Uber, the Amazon tab, etc. Access will trump ownership in the coming years.

The technologies are super cool, but how will they be institutionalized into our society and how society will react to upcoming changes in our technological advancements.

1.) What challenges will the ‘brain-net’ bring into the cyber security threats that we are currently starting do deal with as a society?

2.) What benefits may a 3D printer have for a retail business? Or challenges?

3.) How is Cyber Security going to be dealt with when as a society there are new hacking threats and technological advances happening so fast it may be hard to keep ahead?

Video of the On-Demand Revolution..

4 Responses to 7 Top Futurists Make Some Pretty Surprising Predictions About What The Next Decade Will Bring

  • In response to question 2, the benefits a 3D printer can have for a retail business are immense. If a product is out of stock, another one can be created on-location instead of having to get something shipped. This would save on shipping costs, but would probably be very expensive to do while this technology is still new. Another benefit could be if a customer wants a unique, one-of-a-kind object. Engineers could design the desired product, and the 3D printer could create it. The disadvantage I see with this is that a 3D printer may not have the capabilities to create everything that a consumer may want. With the technology still very new it will be interesting to see how it progresses and becomes more widely used.

  • In regards to the question #2 I believe that 3D printing systems will impact the retail and manufacturing industries immensely. There are great potential in this industry. It will be able to create products more efficiently and with less costs. In regards to #3 I believe that people are realizing the importance of cyber security and it is a growing industry as well. The stocks in this industry are growing greatly and with all of these hackings people are looking for the next great system in cyber security. I believe that cyber security is an ever evolving industry because of the ever changing technology and hacking techniques. This is the only way to keep ahead.

  • In terms of question #2, I believe that 3D printing systems can somewhat hurt retail businesses. Who’s to say that we as consumers can now have a 3D printer in our homes and we don’t need to buy a lot of things that we need anymore. Break your IPhone case? just go to your 3D printer in your living room and make another one. As for Question #1, I believe that your private thought are your own and no one should be able to obtain them. In todays “politically correct society,” I believe the implementation of brain-net would open up pandoras box.

  • As far as the 3D printer goes, I just watched a National Geographic special concerning the Titanic, and how they were able to “drain the ocean” so they could make a 3D model of what the ship looks like now. Although this isn’t technically business related, I can see how 3D printing can be beneficial as far as production and lower costs.

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