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This article talks about how Amazon’s Cloud is to host ERP software. Lawson software announced a partnership with Amazon. This will allow people to have a test drive for up to two weeks and you can use your own data and business processes. He proposes that he will not price the cloud to high. The sole purpose of the software is not to gain market share. People will be able to convert over to a subscription after the free trial is over. Lawson is a very popular ERP vendor who works with Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft.

1. Do you think it’s a good idea to give this software a trial run?

2. Do you think offering the trial run will lose revenue for Lawson because people may not subscribe?

3. Do you think Amazon is a good contender for this new software?



4 Responses to Amazon Cloud

  • In 2010 Lawson Software announced a partnership that will make its ERP (enterprise resource planning) and other applications available on Amazon Web Services’ cloud computing infrastructure service. Now, cloud computing technology is provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leader in the segment. Amazon Web Services (AWS) are working together with SAP and Oracle to offer solutions to enterprises for migrating and deploying their applications on the AWS cloud. AWS allows customers to get ERP for less (only pay for what you use) and spend less time implementing ERP in an organization.

  • I think it is a great idea for Lawson to allow users to experience their new software for free especially if they know the product is efficient. Whether or not Lawson loses revenue solely depends on the quality of their product. If the product is great, then the free users will tell others about the software and it will spread to a large number of people. If it is not a good product, people will use it, but it will be unlikely that they subscribe one the free trial ends.

    This is a very common practice is todays business world especially with technology and mobile apps in particular. I have downloaded apps on my IPhone that are free for a limited time. If the app is addicting or useful, I will usually purchase as long as the price is not too high. With that being said I agree with Lawson’s business strategy.

  • Great quote – and definitely what we should all be thinking about: While the Amazon deployment model allows for rapid technical implementations, “people-intensive processes” are still required to tune Lawson’s software for a particular company’s business requirements, Comport added. “The cloud doesn’t provide a magic bullet for anyone.”

  • Amazon offering cloud services is something quite new to amazon. In order for it to be successful, it has to be tried but at a smaller level to ensure its stability and work your way up.

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