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David Schuff

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Extra Topics in R (with cool examples!!!)

Here are the R script examples we discussed in class.

wordCloudR.r – This creates a colorful word cloud based on a text input file (for the example: 2502.txt).

MySQL-Example.r – This queries the moviedb schema on our class server. It will work with any MySQL account.

aRules(MySQL).r – This queries the bank table I built in my own schema ( If you want to use your own schema you’ll have to build the table using a SQL script that I can provide upon request.

And here is the brief slide deck on the topic.

Weekly Question #11: Complete by December 7, 2017

Leave your response as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on December 7, 2017. Remember, it only needs to be three or four sentences. For these weekly questions, I’m mainly interested in your opinions, not so much particular “facts” from the class!

Now that the course is just about over, think about what you’ve learned.

  • For you, what is the most important takeaway from the course?
  • How would you explain what you’ve learned to a future employer in a job interview?

Assignment #9: Association Mining Using R

Here are the assignment instructions. Fill out and submit this Word document with your answers.

And here is the data set for the assignment (Groceries.csv).

This assignment is due by the start of class on December 7, 2017 (yes, the syllabus says December 6, but it’s really December 7)!

CORRECTION: For question #7 in Assignment 9. the total number of customer should be 13,300 not 25,800, as in: “After six months they created the following analysis of sales from 13,300 total customers.”

Note that the four cells do add up to 13,300.

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