Digital Marketing Minor

Digital MarketingInteractive digital marketing spending in the U.S. will grow exponentially in the near term to over $50 billion by 2014. Areas such as retail, financials, B2B, travel, high-tech, automotive, health, consumer goods, media and entertainment, and telecommunications are responding by creating new multidisciplinary occupations that did not exist before. Leading edge employers demand that students understand the integration of marketing activities with digital technology and analytics.

The Digital Marketing minor prepares students for careers related to customer relationship management, social media, information architecture, ecommerce, search engine optimization, e-detailing, site design, Internet research, demographic and sales analytics, blogging, and media design.

Digital MarketingThe Digital Marketing minor is appropriate for all BBA students in the Fox School of Business and is particularly relevant for Marketing, Human Resource Management, Business Management, and MIS students. 

The Digital Marketing Minor is a joint program offered by the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, and the Department of Management Information Systems.


Digital MarketingThe Digital Marketing minor is highly selective and suitable for students who are interested in being challenged and accelerating their career in this rapidly expanding area. Given the level of quantitative, critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to complete this minor, we recommend this minor to students with a 3.0 GPA or higher.


Digital MarketingThe minor consists of five courses and an optional supervised corporate internship experience. There are a total of three required courses in MIS and two required courses in Marketing. The required courses for the Digital Marketing minor are:

  • MIS 2501: Enterprise IT architecture
  • MIS 2502: Data analytics
  • MIS 3538: Social media innovation
  • MKT 3507: Direct Marketing
  • MKT 3508: Digital Marketing

Marketing majors should take MKT 3507 and MKTG 3508 as part of the minor and take other Marketing electives for the major because courses cannot double count toward the major and the minor. Other business students will also take the required courses listed above for the Digital Marketing minor.

Digital MarketingRequired Courses for MIS Majors completing this minor

  • MIS 3538: Social media innovation
  • MKT 3507: Direct Marketing
  • MKT 3508: Digital Marketing
  • MKT 3596: Consumer Behavior
  • Choose a course from the menu of elective courses below

Since MIS majors take MIS 2501 and MIS 2502 as part of their major requirements they will substitute by taking MKT 3596 and an elective from the list below. Courses that are optional or required in both the major and minor cannot be double counted and the elective list provides acceptable substitutes. MIS majors who are very interested in this minor will benefit by the additional exposure to Marketing and other opportunities outside the school.


The menu of courses below provide options to fit each student’s unique talents and interests and to prepare for new opportunities in Digital Marketing. 

  • Digital MarketingCOM 1112 or BTMM 1021: Media and Society
  • BTMM 1701: Introduction to Media Technology
  • BTMM 1655: The Business of the Media (pre-requisite: BTMM 1021)
  • BTMM 2741: Introduction to Internet Studies & Web Authoring  (pre-requisite: BTMM 1701)
  • FMA 171: Media & Culture
  • FMA 1451: Survey of New Media (requires permission of the instructor)
  • FMA 2452: Web Art & Design
  • JRN 1113: Audio/Visual Newsgathering (requires special authorization for non-majors)
  • JRN 1114: Design for Journalists (requires special authorization for non-majors)
  • JRN 3601: Multimedia Storytelling
  • GAD 2075: Intro to Visual Communication
  • GAD 2071: Intro to Mac Design Programs
  • GAD 2073: Introduction to Web Design (requires: tested for competency in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop)
  • MKT 3504: Sales and Sales Management
  • MKT 3505 Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • MKT 3511: Marketing Research
  • MKT 3502: Information Management for Electronic Commerce
  • MIS 3501: Data-Centric Application Development
  • MIS 3504: Digital Design and Innovation
  • MIS 3536: Information Systems Innovation
  • MIS 3581: Co-operative Experience in Management Information Systems
  • SGM 3501: Entrepreneurial and Innovative Thinking


Digital MarketingThe application of digital technologies is integrated in many existing courses throughout the curriculum. The minor provides a programmed opportunity to explore, in more detail, strategic, tactical and information management considerations through a program of study that is designed to supplement and extend technology applications in existing courses. The Digital Marketing minor structure provides the breadth and depth of study necessary to compete for jobs that require a greater level of exposure to digital applications.

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