MIS Graduating Class Presents 15 Innovative Projects


Judges-turned-mentors observe and score the students’ final presentations.

This past May, BBA in MIS upperclassmen presented 15 original projects in MIS’s semi-annual Showcase—the class’s final sendoff before completing their Capstone Course.

Comprising 15 teams, the 72 students (and largest class to date) worked together to develop projects that reflected and drew from their myriad experiences at Fox. They were mentored by real-world business leaders, many of them members of the Fox IT Advisory Board, who became the event’s judges on the day of the competition.

“The most rewarding part was actually presenting to a group of important industry professionals,” said student Alexa Dardes, whose team designed a travel app called “Euro101.” “Everyone took our ideas and thoughts seriously, which is something I really appreciated.”

Of the projects, first place and $500 were awarded to “Streamline,” a web application that uses one central interface to let users access all of their online video subscriptions. “We capitalized on our strengths and developed an expansive prototype, meeting a current need in an exciting way,” said team member Robert Scanlon.

Second place and $250 were given to “Time2Drink,” a mobile application designed for bar owners and their patrons. “Working with our mentor Joe Spagnoletti was invaluable as he taught us how to keep the business aspects of development in mind throughout the entire process,” said team member Jeffrey McMahon.

“The quality of the presentations has gotten better every semester,” said Bruce Hohne, who taught two of the course’s three sections (the third was taught by Munir Mandviwalla). “Plus, it was the first time ever that we invited some of the underclassmen [to the showcase],” Bruce added. “They’ll be on the other side of the podium next year. It was great preparation.”

Keeping up tradition, next semester’s MIS class will surely unveil projects that continue to innovate.

Student Patrick Edmunds presents his team's winning project, "Streamline."

Student Patrick Edmunds presents his team’s winning project, “Streamline.”

 Below is a complete list of projects, students, and mentors.

Streamline (first place)
Students: Joe Cenatiempo, Pat Edmunds, Andy Roche, Bob Scanlon, Josh Wise
Mentor: Jonathan Brassington, Partner and CEO, LiquidHub
An online video portal that lets users watch video from every site to which they subscribe, all in one location.

Time2Drink (runner-up)
Students: Jeff McMahon, Jordan Fata, Aidan O’Kane, Paul Womer, Joshua Stern
Mentor: Joseph Spagnoletti, SVP & CIO, Campbell’s Soup Company
A mobile application that provides value to the customer, bar owner, and bartender, facilitating a more streamlined bar-going experience.

Students: Alexa Dardes, Tom Fecca, Murtada Alkinani, Taylor Perry, Gladys Guardia
Mentor: Larry Dignan, Editor in Chief, ZDNet
An application that takes the guesswork out of traveling to Europe, assisting with pre-trip planning and offering critical travel information.

Students: Daniel Goff, William Trost, Brian Locklear, David Giusti, Colin Farrell
Mentor: Rich Cohen, Managing Director, Deloitte
A “Yelp for bathrooms,” this mobile application aggregates user-generated reviews, comments, and photos of nearby public restrooms.

What’s Due?
Students: Mike Nordeman, Shane Amzovski, Garland Walker, Megan Gasper
Mentor: David Kaufman, Executive Consultant and Partner, FIN Strategy Adviser
A mobile application through which college professors can upload tests, quizzes, homework, and readings, and students can download materials to sync them to their calendars.

Net Linx
Students: Brittany Hafer, Ngoc Le, Sneh Patel, Scott Raff, Yolandra Brown
Mentor: Varghese Thomas, SVP and Global Head of Infrastructure Solutions, NYSE
A personalized network management solution that lets users keep track of people they meet without having to juggle business cards or other materials.

Venturin’ Philly
Students: David Omojogunra, Justin Kane, Luke Kockott, Sam Peyros, Adam Kuhn
Mentor: Craig Conway, Chief Technology Officer, Livingston International
An interactive application that recommends restaurants, attractions, and little-known destinations in Philadelphia.

White Collar
Students: Jim Davanzo, Brianna Judge, Nicholas Horn, Miraziz Zakhidov, John Shaw
Mentor: Robert Moore, CEO, RJMetrics
A wardrobe management application for young professionals that schedules and recommends outfits for workdays and business events.

Students: Vexhi “Ng” Buharaja, Kelley Davis, Sean Wheeler, Mike Reeser, Reham Raja
Mentor: Andrea Anania, Former CIO, Cigna
A web-based portal that uses a matching algorithm to connect organizations to qualified, desired volunteers.

Temple Human Resources Process Mapping
Students: Oksana Arpaderli, Gabrielle Lopez, Thomas Patterson, Hoaivy Tran Pham, Thanh Tran
Mentor: Rick Morris, Project Manager, Temple University
A program that isolates areas of improvement in Temple’s HR business processes and improves employee satisfaction.

Mentor: Jeff Hamilton, Senior VP, Pfizer
Students: Tatsuya Emoto, Sun Min Ma, Omer M. Sabir, Chad Unera, Anthony Bonanni
A web-meta search engine, which allows users to compile all possible travel routes between various locations by using different ground transportation services.

Pro Recommendation
Students: Matt Andrien, Joseph Doyle, Jessica Margetich, Sara Rezaeian
Mentor: Tim O’Rourke, VP & CIO, Computer and Financial Services
An authenticating and efficiency-boosting system for requesting and submitting professional letters of recommendation.

Dream Big
Students: Joe Nespoli, Patrick Cantelmi, Kayla Shaffer, Jason Lee, David Dupel
Mentor: Niraj Patel, EVP & CIO, Witmer LLC
A website that provides advice and private mentoring to high school students.

Last Fan Standing
Students: Cameron Crossley, John Carsia, Jackie Ling, Darin Bartholomew, Roman Nicholas
Mentor: Bruce Fadem, Former VP & CIO, Wyeth
A mobile trivia sports application that allows players to enter into communal trivia games at low cost and compete for the chance to win large cash prizes.

Students: Michael Mastrocola, Jaspreet Badesha, Priyanka Ranu, Amandeep Kaur, Mauchel Barthelemy
Mentor: Joe Weiss, Chairman, Electronic Ink
A personalized travel application that caters to the user’s likes, interests, hobbies, cultural background, and more.


  • Munir Mandviwalla
  • Bruce Hohne

Credits: Photos, Joe Allegra



Free Library Workshop Enlists MIS Students For Research & Development

blog2What are public libraries, how do they reflect the community, and what innovations will allow them to remain relevant? These were the central questions that governed the recent Design+Innovation workshop at the Free Library of Philadelphia, led by Professor James Moustafellos and funded by the Knight Foundation in support of the library’s innovation initiative.

Part of a series of arts-engagement events, the workshop hosted 40 participants and tapped eight MIS undergraduates from Moustafellos’ Digital Design course to serve as group leaders, analysts, and ethnographic research assistants.

The students worked directly with senior library administrators, library staff, and community members to create portraits of five pilot libraries for an upcoming large-scale renovation—thus applying their MIS-imparted skills in a complex, hands-on, real-world setting.

“The library [and network of libraries] is itself an information system,” Moustafellos said. “It enables people to access information, to perform tasks, to interact with technology and get things done.”

The four-hour event was the culmination of several weeks of background research and ethnographic field work. The students’ preparations included taking photographs, logging notes, and conducting interviews in and around the surrounding communities.

“The branch I worked with has a fascinating history of immigrants coming to change the local flavor multiple times in the past century,” said student participant Michelangelo Collura. Added fellow student Emily Wylde: “The most rewarding part was being able to learn so much about the community and the impact that the library has on it.”

During the workshop, the attendees split off into smaller teams, each of which created three-dimensional models to visually express the concept of “community”—and what a library within that community represented.

“It was so interesting to visualize the interaction between the library and all its members,” said Moustafellos. “It was a great surprise to see models so rich and revealing.”

Attendees comprised both local residents and artists selected to have their original work appear in the libraries after the upcoming renovations. Reflecting on the event’s success, student Andre Messa concluded: “Being able to witness complete strangers coming together for the better of their community was amazing. I was glad to be a part of the experience.”


Clockwise: Andre Messa (student, standing) collaborates with Avigail Milder (resident), Miguel Horn (artist), Tiffany Nardella (Free Library Branch Manager), Susan Patrone (resident), Nathanial Eddy (Free Library staff), and Joe Benford (Chief, Extensions Division at Free Library of Philadelphia).


New Online Master of Science Degree Combines Marketing and Technology

MS DIMThis Fall, the Fox School of Business will offer a brand new Master of Science degree in Digital Innovation in Marketing*–delivering all of its classes entirely online. The program is one of only a handful of graduate degrees in the country that explores the intersection between information systems and marketing.

Students pursuing the degree will become well-versed in new marketing innovations that extend to the mobile, social, analytical, and online spheres, integrating marketing, advertising, sales, and logistics across physical and digital channels.

“The demand for people with this overlapping skill set is huge,” said Bruce Hohne, the program’s Director, whose career has led him from Rohm and Haas to hibu to teaching full-time at Temple. “The field is growing and there hasn’t been much of a source of talent generation—until now.”

By harnessing the far-reaching power of online learning, and not requiring any on-site residency, the program will be maximally accessible to students. Those enrolled will reap the benefits of an online classroom environment that is ideal for teaching and engagement.

“The learning objectives will be tied to the style of delivery,” said Hohne, as he described some of the powerful learning tools at Fox’s disposal. These will include:

Bruce Hohne

Program Director Bruce Hohne

Learnathons,” which will foster intense, concentrated interaction by utilizing web conferencing and small group sessions; co-creative tasks and self-study, which require that instructors and students generate, share, and comment on course content interactively, but on independent schedules; meet-ups, which comprise informal online discussions; and professional development tools like e-portfolios, identity management, career development, and interactions with potential employers.

The roster of professors who have signed on to teach the new curriculum are both academic thought leaders and “real-world practitioners,” poised to train students in the most current generation of tools and techniques available today. “They will draw from professional experience that extends far beyond the classroom,” said Hohne.

Post-graduation, the career possibilities are abundant. Armed with the new Master of Science degree, graduates will be primed for an enormous variety of paths, from marketing analysis to online marketing management to data science.

The Master of Science in Digital Innovation in Marketing is presented jointly by the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management and the Department of Management Information Systems.

For more information on the program or enrollment please visit here.

* Pending board approval

New Cyber Security Track features Cyberwar course

Gregory Senko

Gregory Senko

ITACS is proud to offer a new Cyber Security Track.

As the field of cyber-security greets new threats and regulations every single day, Temple’s Information Technology Auditing and Cyber-Security program is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. In pursuit of this goal, the program has created a brand new Cyber Security Track, now offered to ITACS’ ever-growing student body (whose numbers soared from 11 students in 2012 to approximately 50 this year).

With Associate Director Gregory Senko perched at the helm, the new Cyber Security Track features an exciting Cyberwar course in the Spring Semester, alongside other cutting-edge courses, including:

Data Analytics for IT Auditors – Basic data analysis concepts are presented and then applied. Examines the emerging approach of continuous audit and using data analytics to investigate datasets produced by audit and security controls.

  • Intrusion Detection & Response – Students learn the variety of tool and techniques used to prevent attacks, quickly identify successful attacks, detect advanced persistent threats and monitor systems activity.
  • Securing the Digital Infrastructure – Examines issues related to securing the components of a company’s infrastructure, reviewing network, firewall, and basic operating system security issues.
  • Ethical Hacking – Introduces students to hacking strategies and tactics used by ethical or “White Hat” hackers. A theoretical and exercise-based exploration of Security Penetration through vulnerability exploitation. 
  • Cyber Security Capstone – Reviews all topics covered in the track; prepares for SSCP exam; requires students to research an emerging topic in the field of IT assurance.

ITACS continues to post impressive achievement numbers, as 80% of ITACS students passed the CISA on their first try, and 100% secured jobs after graduation—figures that reflect not just the quality of the training but also mounting demand for professionals armed with ITACS skills. 

Fox IT Advisory Board funds new MIS scholarship, will announce recipients this April

The Fox IT Advisory Board

The Fox IT Advisory Board

The Fox IT Advisory Board, comprising top business leaders from multiple industries, has announced a new scholarship program to begin in Fall of 2014. Funded on a voluntary basis and managed by the board’s members, the scholarship grants select students awards of $5,000 toward tuition each year, totaling approximately $50,000 awarded annually.

Just how are the students chosen? We spoke with Advisory Board Chairman Bruce Fadem, former CIO and VP of Wyeth, who cited as primary criteria exceptional academic achievement, previous accomplishments, and future potential. “A minimum GPA will be used to screen candidates,” said Fadem. “The board will also consider need in their decision-making process.”

Bruce Fadem

Bruce Fadem

In order to apply, students must submit a personal statement, a faculty or employer letter of recommendation, and a link to any available e-portfolios (an aggregate of projects they’ve completed while studying at Temple).

When asked what inspired the scholarship’s creation, Fadem commented: “At an Advisory Board meeting, a few of the members were asking, ‘What more could we do? What could we do to help the MIS department?’” Once the idea of a scholarship was proposed, Fadem set up a subcommittee to nail down the details—i.e. the scholarship’s structure, its funding, and its criteria. It wasn’t long before the Advisory Board voted unanimously in its favor.

When asked what he considered the most rewarding aspect of having served on the board for the past eight years, Fadem described his excitement at having witnessed the program’s soaring growth and reputation. “[Fox MIS] has gone from pretty much unknown to nationally ranked, with its research having been recently ranked number one in the world.”

The roster of scholarship recipients will be announced on April 8, 2014, during Fox’s annual IT awards. Best of luck to all who have applied!

The Fox IT Advisory Board

  • Bruce Fadem (Chair), Former VP & CIO, Wyeth
  • Andrea Anania, Former VP & CIO, CIGNA
  • Michael Bradshaw, VP & CIO, Lockheed Martin 
  • Jonathan A. Brassington, Founding Partner, CEO, LiquidHub Inc.
  • Rich Cohen, Managing Director, Deloitte
  • Craig Conway, CTO, Livingston International
  • Larry Dignan, Editor-in-Chief, ZDnet
  • Jeff Hamilton, SVP, Business Technology, Pfizer
  • Ben-Saba Hasan, SVP – IT, Walmart
  • David Kaufman, Executive Consultant & Partner, FIN Strategy Advisers
  • George Llado, VP – IT, Merck & Co., Inc.
  • Tim O’Rourke, VP & CIO, Temple University
  • Matt Pammer, VP – IS, AstraZeneca
  • Niraj Patel, Chief Strategy Officer, Elsag North America
  • Kent Seinfeld, Retired SVP & CIO, Commerce Bank
  • Joseph Spagnoletti, SVP & CIO, Campbell Soup Company
  • Joe Weiss, Chairman, Electronic Ink

MIS ranks number 1 in the world for research (again!)

The research output of the Fox School of Business’ Management Information Systems (MIS) Department has been ranked No. 1 in the world (again!) in the 2013 update of the Association for Information Systems (AIS) publications database. The department was ranked first for the five year period 2009-13 for publications in the top four MIS journals, maintaining the leading position it has held for four years.

The analysis also ranked Paul A. Pavlou, the Milton T. Stauffer Professor of Information Technology and Strategy, as one of the Top 3 MIS researchers in the world for the same five-year period in the top two MIS journals. Fox Associate Professor of Marketing and MIS Angelika Dimoka, and MIS Professor Youngjin Yoo, who directs Temple’s Center for Design+Innovation and is principal investigator on the university’s Urban Apps and Maps Studios, also ranked in the Top 15.

“We congratulate these faculty – and our MIS Department as a whole – as our school and university join in celebrating this remarkable accomplishment,” Dean M. Moshe Porat said.

The rankings were generated in March 2014 using a database created by the AIS, the premier global organization for information systems. Full rankings are at http://www.vvenkatesh.com/isranking/index.asp.

“MIS at Fox is a special place; we have the best researchers in the world, the most innovative curriculum and awesome students who continue to excel in a very supportive environment,” founding Chair Munir Mandviwalla said.

In addition to the Fox MIS Department’s research rankings, U.S. News & World Report ranks the Fox School’s undergraduate MIS program No. 14 in the nation, and the Fox MIS student chapter is the AIS 2013 Chapter of the Year. 

Temple Chapter wins first place (yet again!) at international AIS competition

WSM_6134Temple’s AIS Student Chapter dominated the Fifth Annual AIS Student Leadership Conference and Competition as it swept with first place wins in both of its competition categories. These victories mark three straight years of Temple’s clinching first-place at the AIS conference – further affirming a remarkable year for the chapter, which was recently named Chapter of the Year by the Association for Information Systems (AIS).
Held over March 20-22, 2014, in Phoenix, AZ, the AIS conference hosted 200 participants from schools around the globe, whose student teams had the opportunity to enter into various competition tracks. Fox MIS students competed in the IT Service Management and Social Innovation pools, going head-to-head with other student teams before securing decisive first-place wins.
Supervised by professor Carey O’Donnell, Temple’s first place IT Service Management team members were Brittany Hafer, Gabrielle Lopez, Thomas Patterson, and Veer Patel
Gabrielle Lopez reflected on the experience: “We approached the case with the idea of aligning IT with business needs, something we’ve learned since MIS 2101,” she said.
The members of the first place Social Innovation team were Ryan Boyce, Tatsuya Emoto, Stephen Lauver, and Horatio Thomas.
“Each one of our members brought a significant contribution to our final solution,” said Horatio Thomas. “We developed a low cost web application that uses crowd-sourcing and modern web technologies. This application cuts cost, increases productivity and develops mentorship, tutoring and advising programs in underfunded schools.”
The AIS conference’s goal is to connect students, faculty, and corporate representatives, share best practices on operating and funding the chapter, and foster valuable (and competitive) information-system based activities. This year, as with previous years, Temple was more than up to the challenge.
Congratulations to professor O’Donnell and the Temple champions!

New Data Science course helps all students harness the power of data

Data Science CourseTemple’s Fox School of Business is offering a new, University-wide GenEd course that’s geared toward any student—tech-savvy or not—who hopes to hone his or her data skills. This first-of-its-kind course, titled “Data Science,” will be taught by MIS Associate Professor David Schuff. It offers an accessible look at data use and interpretation, teaching students how to read, organize, analyze, and wield data in order to solve real problems in their future careers and day-to-day life. 

As students are poised to enter the work force, noted Professor Schuff, the vast majority will need a working knowledge of data in order to succeed. “Almost every organization uses data, and the ability to work with it is an essential skill,” he said.

And it’s not just for those working in technology. Today, data is directly consumable by the average employee, from Google web traffic statistics to civic-oriented public information published by the government. Furthermore, emerging disciplines such as data journalism, digital humanities, digital epidemiology, and personalized medicine (to name a few) are predicated on the idea that large, widely available data sets can help transform an industry.

Learning to critically evaluate information in the twenty-first century is a crucial skill in any career.  Like information literacy, I see data literacy as an important component of an undergraduate education.  Professor Schuff’s GenEd Data Science course fills this critical gap in the undergraduate curriculum.  

Istvan L. Varkonyi, GenEd Program Director

Professor David Schuff

David Schuff

The course itself will comprise hands-on, experiential problem solving through the use of computer-based data tools employed by virtually every organization. Students will try out these tools using a diverse collection of data sets, ranging from NBA player statistics to high school dropout rates to corporate sales data. Students will also learn to make impactful and persuasive arguments through visual data presentation.

When asked about the course’s goals, Schuff commented: “We want students to complete the course with a new set of tools and skills they can immediately apply, whether it is in their current coursework, their summer internships, or their jobs.”

As data skills extend to nearly all spheres—from the workplace to smartphones to credit card bills—those enrolled in the Data Science course will gain valuable technical know-how, and learn to harness the power of data for the benefit of their personal and professional lives.

Redeem points at the newly launched FOX MIS store!

store revised

FOX MIS students have been accruing professional achievement points and badges all year long for IT-related work, participation in AIS, and e-portfolio contributions. Sure, these points ultimately enhance an individual’s career, development, and future — but do you know what is even better? Now students can redeem said points at FOX MIS’ online store

That’s right! Trade in your virtual moolah for one-of-a-kind, FOX-branded merchandise, like this really cool lanyard or this zipper wallet. Because nothing says “I’m going places” like an owl keychain. Once you’ve channeled your love of FOX MIS into the purchase of extensive branded merchandise, you can also use points to schedule one-on-one lunches with esteemed Fox IT Advisory Board members Niraj Patel and Bruce Fadem. (Just be sure to bring  your high-quality stylus for note-taking.)

In summary, it’s basically like Chuck E. Cheese, except with learning, and no ball pit. (Yet.)

Keep up the great work!

Temple AIS wins 2013 Student Chapter of the Year

aissliderThe Association for Information Systems (AIS) has named Temple AIS Chapter of the Year, the highest honor any student chapter can receive. And it’s not just for the glory, either: with this distinction comes $1,000 in grant money, allocated for 2013 student initiatives.

Temple’s first place win follows three years of having been named runner-up as Outstanding Chapter, and reflects incredible dedication from its student members. A committee of faculty and students oversaw this year’s rigorous selection process, poring over annual reports to find the chapter with the most “exceptional, well-rounded, and organized program,” notes AIS.

We have continued our legacy of offering our members the best in professional development and networking opportunities. Each one of my twenty officers has been working like crazy to make sure we pull all of this off seamlessly. It is a pretty awesome group of students. We have the most intelligent and creative students in the Fox School.

Josh Wise, Chapter President

Founded in 1994, AIS is the world’s premier organization for academics specializing in Information Systems. The Chapter of the Year recipient must “lead the research, teaching, practice, and study of information systems worldwide,” says the organization.

Chapter of year

As its 2013 title indicates, Temple AIS set benchmarks for other chapters, fostering an environment in which its members could thrive in the field of IS and as a cohesive community. Chapter President Joshua Wise attributes much of his chapter’s success to the group’s unique personality and culture of “entrepreneurial spirit” — comprising a buoyant blend of teamwork, fun, and (friendly) competition. “We like to challenge each other and find new ways of doing things,” notes Wise.

Among the chapter’s banner accomplishments and offerings in 2012-2013:

  • Top placement in every category entered at last year’s 2013 AIS Competition, hosted by Walmart in Bentonville, Arizona (Two 1st place finishes; one 2nd and one 3rd place ranking)
  • $5,000 in prize money invested in the Patriot Fund
  • Over 175 members, and a spike in meeting attendance (tracked via an attendance program coded by AIS officers)
  • Professional development and networking events with speakers from Comcast, NBC Universal, Cigna, Ernst and Young, AstraZeneca, and J.P. Morgan
  • Workshops every Friday and Saturday featuring technical training intensives
  • Well attended social events and community service initiatives, including $800 raised for CHOP and computer repair for non-profits

Current officers of AIS include: