MIS ranks No. 1 in the world for research (yet again!)

FOX MIS No. 1 2015

The research output of the Temple University Fox School Management Information Systems (MIS) Department has been ranked No. 1 in the world (yet again!) in the 2014 update of the “My Vision Research” ranking (previously known as the Association for Information Systems (AIS) publications database) and in the “The University of Texas, Dallas Top 100 Business School Research Rankings™”.

FOX MIS was ranked first for the five year period 2010-2014 for publications in the top 2 Management Information Systems (MIS) journals – Management Information Systems Quarterly (MISQ) and Information Systems Research (ISR) - maintaining the leading position it has held for five years.

According to My Vision Research the department is also ranked number 1 for publications in the top 4 MIS journals for 2010-2014, these include the above and Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS) and Journal of the Association for Information Systems (JAIS). 

In the same ranking, Paul Pavlou, Associate Dean, and the Milton T. Stauffer Professor of Information Technology and Strategy is number 1 worldwide, Associate Professor of Marketing and MIS Angelika Dimoka is number 11 worldwide, and Harry A. Cochran Professor of MIS Youngjin Yoo is number 15 worldwide for the last five year period (2010-2014) for publications in Management Information Systems Quarterly (MISQ) and Information Systems Research (ISR), the top two journals in MIS. Click here for more. 

According to the “The University of Texas, Dallas Top 100 Business School Research Rankings™” FOX MIS is co-number 1 worldwide for the last five year period (2010-2014) for publications in Management Information Systems Quarterly (MISQ) and Information Systems Research (ISR), the top two journals in MIS. The University of Texas, Dallas is co-number 1 with FOX MIS. Click here for more.

Dr. Youngjin Yoo is the first Harry A. Cochran Professor of MIS at Fox


Getting a named professorship is like making it to a pro ball team, says Dr. Youngjin Yoo, Professor of Management Information Systems and Director, Center for Design and Innovation, Fox School of Business and Management, Temple University.  On Friday, November 14, he was named the “Harry A. Cochran Professor of Management Information Systems” at the Fox School’s Research and Teaching Award ceremony.

Harry A. Cochran is “the dean who laid the foundation upon which the Fox School of Business thrives,” said Fox School Dean, M. Moshe Porat, “being recognized as the inaugural holder of a professorship in his name is a significant honor.”

The honor is not, Yoo says, just a validation of his research but of the ideas he pursues.  The unique viewpoint– that digital technology is now ubiquitous, in every part of our lives, and that it requires a mix of creativity, innovation and even a little philosophical examination to manage and effectively use technology and the tools it creates- is one that has evolved over years of study, research and life.

“When Youngjin first came to Fox, we not only saw in him a good researcher, but also what I like to call an academic entrepreneur,” Porat said. “He’s not simply someone with an idea who follows the conventional way of thinking. He always finds a different angle, using a creative, innovative and contrarian way of thinking. He has distinguished himself in his research, in the grants he has received and in the creativity that he has brought to the Management Information Systems department and the Fox School of Business.”

Why is Yoo so creative, innovative and contrarian?  The answer dates back to Yoo’s experiences as a student in South Korea. “How,” Yoo asked then, and still ponders now, “can I think about ways to improve human lives with the tools and resources we have?” As a teenager Yoo was determined to become a government civil servant, one of the obvious paths (along with doctor, lawyer or engineer) open to smart kids growing up with limited resources. Until he entered Seoul National University and found himself studying management and business administration; the econ department didn’t want him.  At university, Yoo read a passage which he says changed his life: If academic disciplines start from pure science to applied one, then management is the ultimate destination of applied science as it explores ways to improve human lives by mobilizing all the resources that the creator has given to people.

It was also at University that his determination, and maybe his ability to be contrary, were forged. Early on he made one trivial arithmetic mistake on an exam in his operations research class and earned a low final grade, despite his protestations to the professor that it was a small mistake. Yoo spent two years studying the material and signed up for advanced operations research, determined to prove the professor wrong in his assessment of Yoo’s ability. The first day of class, he answered a question correctly and, when asked, explained his answer so well that the professor told Yoo he, too, should teach.  The professor then wrote a recommendation for Yoo to study in the U.S. Yoo earned his Ph.D. in Management at the R. H. Smith School of Business, The University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland in 1997.

The rest of the story is a multi-faceted journey of research and publishing in the areas of digital innovation, design, organizational genetics, and the societal use of technology.  He is currently a senior editor for the “MIS Quarterly” and other journals. He’s worked with industries ranging from Samsung Electronics to American Greetings and, recently, was featured (with 12 other technologists) in Philadelphia Magazine’s, “The Smartest People in Philadelphia.” And, of course, he’s taught.  His university experience is global, ranging from Sweden and China to the more local world at The Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University.

At Temple, Yoo has worked both inside and outside the classroom; he’s the Founding Director of Center for Design+Innovation at Temple. 

Design is, Yoo says, “the driver of innovation, particularly in the digital domain.  Digital technology is a force that destabilizes things…blurs the boundary of product and industry, and design is how we re-imagine things.” 

So, like musical notes or written language, digital technology will never “remain in a box” and must be created and re-created. “Design is inseparable” from digital technology, Yoo says. The necessary creativity can be found in surprising places.

Recently, Yoo’s taken his work to the streets of Philadelphia and brought Philly teenagers onto campus via Temple’s Urban Apps and Maps Studios program (funded by The Knight Foundation and EDA.) The project teaches teens design, coding, and story telling so they can create apps that help solve problems encountered by residents of urban communities—like turning vacant lots into viable urban community farms. The students are “awesome” Yoo says.  “They do things we don’t think about…a goldmine of creativity.”

Yoo says that working with high school students isn’t the only surprise he’s encountered over the past few years.  The fact that he’s become a named professor, his own success, still seems to startle him. He’s “honored, flattered…it’s great news.” But he’s not ready to rest on his laurels or bask in his new title. Yoo’s moving forward by looking back—at 200 years of technology, and how it was managed and has been a driver of economic change.  

That econ department in Korea?  They don’t know what they missed.

New MS Digital Innovation in Marketing is a next generation 100% online program

FOX MS Digital Innovation in MarketingThe new Master of Science – Digital Innovation in Marketing is a new type of 100% online degree that prepares digital marketing leaders and innovators. The program prepares students on how to apply exciting new technologies and measure with sophisticated analytics. The next generation online approach focuses on high engagement, networking, and professional development. The program is designed for working professionals who want to learn part-time.

  • Become a leader in driving technology enabled transformation of the marketing function
  • Develop a digital marketing plan
  • Apply the latest digital innovations such as mobile, social media, location based services, and big data to marketing campaigns
  • Integrate marketing, advertising, sales and logistics across physical and digital channels
  • Collect, analyze, and interpret digital marketing data to inform decision-making.

A team of nationally recognized digital marketing innovators will guide the program and students.

If you are ready for the revolution, click here.

Three Fox MIS Students exemplify academic & professional achievement

An MIS degree from the Fox School of Business reflects far more than hours spent in the classroom. Beyond the program’s  top-ranked courses are extensive and required opportunities for students to gain professional and academic experience, including scholarships, internships, career advancement, and friendly competition with peers.

Three students have seized these opportunities — Tyler Nelson, Elizabeth Calise, and Horatio Thomas – each taking full advantage of what the MIS program has to offer, and exemplifying Temple’s ongoing commitment to excellence.

tyler nelsonBeginning this Fall of 2014, the Fox IT Advisory Board launched a new scholarship program that awards $50,000 annually to standout students. Among the first roster of recipients was Tyler Nelson, Class of 2016, who was delighted to be selected. “I felt accomplished knowing that I was being recognized for my academic work,” he said.

The IT Advisory Board seeks students who exhibit academic achievement, previous accomplishments, future potential, and maintain a top-notch e-portfolio. For Nelson, the scholarship was an affirmation of his decision to study MIS. “[It] came at a time when I was already interested in Management Information Systems, and it helped to solidify where I felt I belonged. Since I started attending Temple, I have always had something to do, places to go, and goals to aim for.”

Beyond this exciting new scholarship, there are many other ways in which an MIS student can distinguish him or herself.

Year-round, all those enrolled in the program can earn Professional and Academic Achievement Points. These points are tallied then translated to online public rankings – ultimately eligible to be redeemed for Temple merchandise at an online “Points Store.” The result is a spirited, fun exchange that helps foster incredible student achievement.

Elizabeth Calise is among the Leaderboard’s top Academic students, while Horatio Thomas is a “Grand Master” on the Professional Achievement scale – the highest possible ranking.

elizabeth caliseCalise, Class of 2016, is pursuing dual degrees at MIS and International Business, and began her college career in Virginia before transferring. “Moving to Philadelphia and attending Temple brought a wealth of new experiences, perspectives, and opportunities. All of these combined have positioned me to achieve tremendous success both personally and academically.”

She credits her accomplishments to her “amazing mentors within the faculty and my outstanding peers that have supported and helped me since day one.”

Horatio Thomas Walmart PictureHoratio Thomas, currently a Grand Master (meaning, he has earned over 2,000 points) is an MIS and Accounting double major. A glance at his online portfolio helps explain his Grand Master status; he is the current President of the Association for Information Systems and spent this past summer interning in the Innovations Lab at the world’s largest company, Wal-Mart.

Horatio credits his success to the overwhelming support of his professors, faculty, AIS officers, and friends at Temple.

“My favorite part…is the access [Temple] gives you to opportunities to develop yourself personally and professionally.”

These three students’ stories are emblematic of what the Fox MIS program has to offer. And for every Tyler, Elizabeth, and Horatio are dozens of other students who are similarly striving for academic and professional excellence.

Top 15 (again!)

US News and World Report – Fox BBA in MIS

For the third year in a row, the Fox School’s Department of Management Information Systems (MIS) Bachelor of Business Administration major in Management Information Systems (BBA MIS) is listed in the 2015 US News and World Report Undergraduate Business Specialties Ranking (note: link requires login). In the 2015 ranking, which is based on data from 2014, FOX MIS moved up one slot to 13th in the United States.

The top 15 ranking follows a comprehensive program review in which FOX MIS was named ‘a major national player’. In 2014, the department garnered a No. 1 Research ranking for publications in top journals by the Association for Information Systems.

The FOX BBA in MIS is one of the most innovative undergraduate MIS programs in the nation and focuses on producing digital business innovators.

Strengths of the program include: AIS student participation, e-portfolios, 100% placement, point system for encouraging participation, culture of friendly competition, and enthusiasm for the major.

MIS Program Review, 2014

BBA in MIS students learn how to analyze systems, requirements, enterprise architecture, and digital innovation strategy, and unlike many other programs, students also learn how to build digital business models, storyboard and code new ideas, and apply analytics to identify new opportunities.

Mart Doyle, Assistant Chair and Program Director

The FOX BBA in MIS is pioneering a continuous professional achievement program that encourages and rewards students who invest in learning how to network, personal growth, and individual brand management.

Munir Mandviwalla, Associate Professor and Chair

IT Career Fair on September 24, 2014

IT Career FairThe Institute for Business and Information Technology (IBIT) announces the Fox IT Career Fair on September 24, 2014 (Wednesday) from 11am-3pm in Alter Hall.

Interact with top employers who are interested in recruiting Fox MIS, ITACS, ITM, Digital Marketing, and ITIE students (majors and minors, grad and undergrad).  Twenty employers including Merck, Campbell Soup Company, Lockheed Martin, Walmart, Electronic Ink, LiquidHub, Wells Fargo, GlaxoSmithKline, Cigna, PwC, Vanguard, and Deloitte have already confirmed their participation to recruit for full-time and internship positions.  See: http://ibit.temple.edu/careerfair.

These employers have made a commitment to your program and major, and to the nationally ranked FOX Department of Management Information Systems.  To participate in the career fair you will need:

  1.  To be CSPD’d
  2.  An approved eportfolio listed on the FOX MIS Community eportfolio site at: http://community.mis.temple.edu/eportfolios/
  3. Completed registration on http://ibit.temple.edu/careerfair/about/attendance-and-registration/.  The deadline is September 12, 2014.

In order to have an approved eportfolio you must submit it to the above site for approval.

Each student that registers by the deadline will receive free special business cards to hand out to employers at the Fox IT Career Fair.  These business cards will list your name, major, email address and will have a QR code so that the employer can scan to access your eportfolio.  Only these special business cards are allowed at the career fair.

Three new faculty join FOX MIS

The Fox School’s MIS department is pleased to welcome three new full-time faculty in fall 2014. We took a moment to speak to them about their backgrounds, previous positions, and plans for Temple.

brad greenwoodBrad Greenwood, Assistant Professor, received his Ph.D. in Information Systems from the University of Maryland, College Park. He is an avid cook who loves to spend time in the kitchen.

“Fox MIS offers the unique opportunity to work with world class scholars whose discipline spanning research not only pushes the boundaries of the IS context, but focuses on resolving significant public welfare problems which are faced by both practitioners and everyday people.”


min-seokMin-Seok Pang, Assistant Professor, received his Ph.D. in Business Administration from University of Michigan, and most recently served as Assistant Professor, School of Management, at George Mason University. His interdisciplinary research reflects his own personal interests in news and politics, and spans IT, business, public administration, and political sciences.

“What is most exciting about joining one of the best MIS group in the world is that I will have a chance to work with excellent and bright MIS doctoral students. It would be both a responsibility and a privilege to help future scholars thrive in academia.”


jeremy-223x300Jeremy J. Shafer, Assistant Professor, received his M.S. in Management Information Systems from Fox School of Business, Temple University, where he was most recently Director of Solutions Development. Shafer is deeply committed to service and volunteering; he and his wife are also advocates for and participants in special-needs adoption.

“I very much enjoyed teaching in the MIS department as an adjunct.  When the opportunity arose for me to teach full time, I jumped at it! I believe in enabling people to create with technology, not just passively consume it.  Putting those skills in the hands of entrepreneurial students is very rewarding to me.”

The FOX School’s MIS department named “a major national player” by review team

FOX MIS Major National PlayerThe Fox School of Business’s Department of Management Information Systems was named “a major national player” in a report by a review team that systematically evaluated the department.

The review team included internationally recognized professors from Oklahoma State University and The University of Texas at Austin. The reviewers were selected by Temple University’s Office of the Provost based upon their stature in the MIS discipline. According to the team which submitted a report after evaluating a self-study document and following a two-day site visit: “The MIS department at Temple is one of the best examples of how good leadership and investment can create a stellar program in such a short time.”

Jodi_Levine_LaufgrabenAccording to Jodi Levine Laufgraben, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Assessment and Institutional Research who oversees the review process: “Temple University implemented Periodic Program Review in 2003 and since that time has conducted over 90 reviews.  Now in our second cycle, the program review process gives us the opportunity to evaluate the quality of our academic programs while also providing advice on strategic opportunities for further improvement.”

The review team evaluated departmental research performance, noting: “Faculty in MIS at Fox have achieved national reputation and catapulted the MIS department to a very high rank in terms of research publications.”

Moshe Porat“I am very grateful to the review team for their comprehensive and positive report,” said Fox School Dean M. Moshe Porat, who decided to form the MIS department in 2000. “It is a great honor to receive accolades for our MIS department from such distinguished scholars representing major national universities.”

The team met students and reviewed the MIS academic programs. “Students in the MIS department at Fox are the major beneficiaries of all the exciting activities and initiatives underway,” the report stated. “These include an innovative curriculum, internships, industry interactions, professional development opportunities, and placements.”

The review team recommended areas for improvement, including hiring more faculty, creating endowed chairs and investing further in analytics. Finally, the review team commended the department for excellent relationships with industry through an active advisory board, innovative research centers and institutes, vibrant professional faculty and visionary, stable, and collaborative departmental leadership.

Robert Moore, CEO of RJMetrics, a Valued Mentor and Partner at FOX MIS

Robert-MooreRobert Moore is founder and CEO of the thriving startup RJMetrics, but he still manages to find time for mentoring Temple students. Luckily, the man is no stranger to multi-tasking.

An entrepreneur since high school, Moore began his first web design firm before turning eighteen, then created and sold Poker odds software while studying at Princeton.

“Entrepreneurship is in my blood,” he said, adding: “If you knew what you were in for [when starting a business]…you’d have to be a bit out of your mind.”

It’s an inspiring kind of “insanity.” In 2009, Moore directed his formidable energy into his first “potential billion-dollar idea”: RJMetrics, a cloud-based software solution for small-to-medium sized companies.

“I noticed a trend of fast-growing companies not being able to understand their data to run their businesses better. The Fortune Five Million is really underserved in that universe. We started with a very real problem and built the right solution for it.”

RJMetrics provides a web-based service that empowers its clients to analyze customer data and make better decisions through that data analysis; they serve companies that range from mom-and-pop shops to medium-sized corporations.

“We use ingenuity and the cloud, and we take advantage of open-source software,” said Moore, noting the timeliness of his company’s inception. “The business can only exist in this time.”

For the Fox School’s Management Information Systems department, RJMetrics is a kind of pedagogical turnkey: the perfect real-world example of core concepts and methodologies taught in David Schuff’s Data Analytics course.

“[Robert] came in and did a guest talk in the class,” said Professor Schuff. “We also created two projects that are linked to what RJMetrics does: in the first exercise, our students use RJMetrics’ database that feeds the trial version of their product to perform a sophisticated data analysis in Excel. In the second exercise, students use their knowledge of data visualization to evaluate the effectiveness of the graphs and charts in RJMetrics’ dashboard.”

Thanks to Moore’s willingness to mentor at the university, it’s become a fruitful partnership. This past year, Moore delivered the keynote address at Temple’s Analytics Challenge, addressing the growing “data exhaust” that’s collecting and being stored in the cloud: “[It] changes the way that data can and is used…[and] changes the future of business.”

Moore’s knowledge, expertise, and savvy are valuable assets to Temple’s students—but the symbiosis is mutually beneficial. “It’s awesome to see that kind of passion for knowledge [in the students],” said Moore. “It kind of makes me feel young again: to be in the room with a bunch of students who are clearly very smart, very driven, and have a lot to learn. And the other side of the coin? We hire a lot of Temple students.”

For Schuff, the possibilities are numerous. When asked what was cooking for his newest roster of incoming students, Schuff said: “We definitely plan to engage with RJMetrics in future classes.”

MIS Graduating Class Presents 15 Innovative Projects


Judges-turned-mentors observe and score the students’ final presentations.

This past May, BBA in MIS upperclassmen presented 15 original projects in MIS’s semi-annual Showcase—the class’s final sendoff before completing their Capstone Course.

Comprising 15 teams, the 72 students (and largest class to date) worked together to develop projects that reflected and drew from their myriad experiences at Fox. They were mentored by real-world business leaders, many of them members of the Fox IT Advisory Board, who became the event’s judges on the day of the competition.

“The most rewarding part was actually presenting to a group of important industry professionals,” said student Alexa Dardes, whose team designed a travel app called “Euro101.” “Everyone took our ideas and thoughts seriously, which is something I really appreciated.”

Of the projects, first place and $500 were awarded to “Streamline,” a web application that uses one central interface to let users access all of their online video subscriptions. “We capitalized on our strengths and developed an expansive prototype, meeting a current need in an exciting way,” said team member Robert Scanlon.

Second place and $250 were given to “Time2Drink,” a mobile application designed for bar owners and their patrons. “Working with our mentor Joe Spagnoletti was invaluable as he taught us how to keep the business aspects of development in mind throughout the entire process,” said team member Jeffrey McMahon.

“The quality of the presentations has gotten better every semester,” said Bruce Hohne, who taught two of the course’s three sections (the third was taught by Munir Mandviwalla). “Plus, it was the first time ever that we invited some of the underclassmen [to the showcase],” Bruce added. “They’ll be on the other side of the podium next year. It was great preparation.”

Keeping up tradition, next semester’s MIS class will surely unveil projects that continue to innovate.

Student Patrick Edmunds presents his team's winning project, "Streamline."

Student Patrick Edmunds presents his team’s winning project, “Streamline.”

 Below is a complete list of projects, students, and mentors.

Streamline (first place)
Students: Joe Cenatiempo, Pat Edmunds, Andy Roche, Bob Scanlon, Josh Wise
Mentor: Jonathan Brassington, Partner and CEO, LiquidHub
An online video portal that lets users watch video from every site to which they subscribe, all in one location.

Time2Drink (runner-up)
Students: Jeff McMahon, Jordan Fata, Aidan O’Kane, Paul Womer, Joshua Stern
Mentor: Joseph Spagnoletti, SVP & CIO, Campbell’s Soup Company
A mobile application that provides value to the customer, bar owner, and bartender, facilitating a more streamlined bar-going experience.

Students: Alexa Dardes, Tom Fecca, Murtada Alkinani, Taylor Perry, Gladys Guardia
Mentor: Larry Dignan, Editor in Chief, ZDNet
An application that takes the guesswork out of traveling to Europe, assisting with pre-trip planning and offering critical travel information.

Students: Daniel Goff, William Trost, Brian Locklear, David Giusti, Colin Farrell
Mentor: Rich Cohen, Managing Director, Deloitte
A “Yelp for bathrooms,” this mobile application aggregates user-generated reviews, comments, and photos of nearby public restrooms.

What’s Due?
Students: Mike Nordeman, Shane Amzovski, Garland Walker, Megan Gasper
Mentor: David Kaufman, Executive Consultant and Partner, FIN Strategy Adviser
A mobile application through which college professors can upload tests, quizzes, homework, and readings, and students can download materials to sync them to their calendars.

Net Linx
Students: Brittany Hafer, Ngoc Le, Sneh Patel, Scott Raff, Yolandra Brown
Mentor: Varghese Thomas, SVP and Global Head of Infrastructure Solutions, NYSE
A personalized network management solution that lets users keep track of people they meet without having to juggle business cards or other materials.

Venturin’ Philly
Students: David Omojogunra, Justin Kane, Luke Kockott, Sam Peyros, Adam Kuhn
Mentor: Craig Conway, Chief Technology Officer, Livingston International
An interactive application that recommends restaurants, attractions, and little-known destinations in Philadelphia.

White Collar
Students: Jim Davanzo, Brianna Judge, Nicholas Horn, Miraziz Zakhidov, John Shaw
Mentor: Robert Moore, CEO, RJMetrics
A wardrobe management application for young professionals that schedules and recommends outfits for workdays and business events.

Students: Vexhi “Ng” Buharaja, Kelley Davis, Sean Wheeler, Mike Reeser, Reham Raja
Mentor: Andrea Anania, Former CIO, Cigna
A web-based portal that uses a matching algorithm to connect organizations to qualified, desired volunteers.

Temple Human Resources Process Mapping
Students: Oksana Arpaderli, Gabrielle Lopez, Thomas Patterson, Hoaivy Tran Pham, Thanh Tran
Mentor: Rick Morris, Project Manager, Temple University
A program that isolates areas of improvement in Temple’s HR business processes and improves employee satisfaction.

Mentor: Jeff Hamilton, Senior VP, Pfizer
Students: Tatsuya Emoto, Sun Min Ma, Omer M. Sabir, Chad Unera, Anthony Bonanni
A web-meta search engine, which allows users to compile all possible travel routes between various locations by using different ground transportation services.

Pro Recommendation
Students: Matt Andrien, Joseph Doyle, Jessica Margetich, Sara Rezaeian
Mentor: Tim O’Rourke, VP & CIO, Computer and Financial Services
An authenticating and efficiency-boosting system for requesting and submitting professional letters of recommendation.

Dream Big
Students: Joe Nespoli, Patrick Cantelmi, Kayla Shaffer, Jason Lee, David Dupel
Mentor: Niraj Patel, EVP & CIO, Witmer LLC
A website that provides advice and private mentoring to high school students.

Last Fan Standing
Students: Cameron Crossley, John Carsia, Jackie Ling, Darin Bartholomew, Roman Nicholas
Mentor: Bruce Fadem, Former VP & CIO, Wyeth
A mobile trivia sports application that allows players to enter into communal trivia games at low cost and compete for the chance to win large cash prizes.

Students: Michael Mastrocola, Jaspreet Badesha, Priyanka Ranu, Amandeep Kaur, Mauchel Barthelemy
Mentor: Joe Weiss, Chairman, Electronic Ink
A personalized travel application that caters to the user’s likes, interests, hobbies, cultural background, and more.


  • Munir Mandviwalla
  • Bruce Hohne

Credits: Photos, Joe Allegra