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  • I feel as though it could disrupt both. k-12 education needs a disruption like this, catering to individual children’s needs and learning abilities so they do not get pushed through school without really learning the fundamentals of early education. A child does need to socialize however so combining a mix of online education and physical…[Read more]

  • I feel as though the internet becoming more of a norm in developing countries is a positive thing. Instead of teachers, doctor’s and volunteers visiting these countries to help them better sustain themselves, the internet can be brought in to help countries create jobs, educate themselves and slowly help build their country.

  • ThumbnailWith graduation around the corner, many students are willing to take any job they can get. Many are ignoring the important factor of culture in the workplace. If you do not mesh well with the culture of your […]

    • I think that a company’s culture and making sure that you are a good fit for it is in some aspects a lot more important than a big paycheck. Whether or not you fit into the company culture is directly related to your job satisfaction and happiness overall. If you are miserable all day and hate your job, what is the point of working? You go to work and go through the motions gaining no gratification for what you’re doing there, wishing it was five o’ clock so that you can go home and sit in front of the television for the rest of the night. Company culture is definitely important.

    • I do think that company culture is important and fitting in with the company culture would improve my work life. At my internship I noticed that many of the employees spend time together outside of the office at happy hours, sporting events, and on intramural sports teams. You’re at your job for at least 40 hours a week so I think it is important that you enjoy being around the people that you work with. However, I think if I found a position that I was really interested in, I might be able to get past a poor company culture.

    • While looking for jobs, a company’s culture was and still is a top priority on my list. The company culture gives you a glimpse at the type of person you’re going to be while working for that company. Like Arren said, it’s up to the employee whether or not they want to fit into the company culture. For example, at my internship they had business resource groups which held event outside of work. This gave employees the opportunity to meet employees in other departments with similar interests. There were employees who took advantage of these opportunities, but then others who didn’t. Company culture is really important to me. I don’t just want to go through the motions of a job, I want to enjoy my time there.

  • Since fully autonomous weapons don’t yet exist, why isn’t a ban premature?

    Although fully autonomous weapons are not in the market at this time, national- security experts are saying countries will be looking […]

    • Weapons in society is always a touchy subject, and to know the technology advancements that are making these weapons even better is a little bit of a scary thought. I am in support of the government using these weapons in Warcraft, but when they get in the hands of civilians it gets very tricky and can pose far too many problems.
      *also I accidentially hit 9/10 but I meant 10/10 stars.

    • I believe that these could be used by the government, but that is it. I know that there was debate over people using 3D printers to produce weapons as well. With technologies this complex coming out that can possibly be dangerous, there is going to be a need for strict policies around these devices.

  • 5 Technology Products That Won’t Let You Break the Law
    Since we talked about the safety measures of 3-D printers in class during our disruptive innovation class, I thought this article was informative of how […]

    • I think it’s really interesting to look at the legal ramifications for new, disruptive tech like 3D printing. I think, at least initially, it’s going to be really hard to keep tight locks on what can be printed, copied, etc. but I think as more and more data is collected from the printers, users input more templates into the global “open source” ecosystem, etc., it will self-regulate. Honestly, I’m not that concerned with people printing counterfeit money on Photoshop or flying drones in restricted airspace– I think the technology is still so new that there’s only a negligible amount of real damage that could be done with either.

  • It surprises me that virtual reality has not become such a disruptive innovation already. Virtual reality creates an escape for people, without having them leave a room. I feel as though companies such as restaurants, travel agencies and the entertainment industry could create tremendous products. In the restaurant industry, who wouldn’t love to…[Read more]


    Hospitals have never promoted a technology forward environment. Is it time for a change? I say yes. With the rise of consumer knowledge through social media, consumers can easily search around for the best price and products. This is no different when it comes to dealing with a hospital. Old IT systems in hospitals today are outdated and lack innovation. We’ve heard some ideas of disruptive innovations when it comes to hospitals in class, but what could a hospital gain from changing its systems to be more productive? What type of changes do you feel would be too drastic that the healthcare industry may not need?



    • In today’s healthcare industry there is more of an emphasis on the quality of services and care patients receive at hospitals. From my healthcare management classes, I have learned hospitals are willing to implement expensive technology, as long as it can improve the overall quality of care it can give to its patients. This is due to the fact that more people are shopping around for health services and are willing to pay a higher cost for a better overall hospital experience. So by implementing new systems, hospitals can improve many things. One example is ordering medications, with newer systems in place, orders can be placed faster, allowing patients to receive their medications sooner. New systems also build in safe guards in case an unusual dosage is prescribed, which could have negative effects on a patient’s health or even result in death. Although this might seem like a small benefit to justify a new IT system, things like this go a long way for patient satisfaction and quality of care.
      As far as your question about change that is too drastic for the healthcare industry, I think it honestly depends on what hospital or hospital systems is implementing a new IT system. For example, if a large hospital system is adding more hospitals, it might make more sense to update to a newer, more expensive IT system, which would improve its efficiency and communication, than it might be for a single hospital to implement the same system.

  • I think this is another attempt at Facebook capitalizing on other successful apps. Facebook is slowly declining in popularity and trying to regain its market share through other ideas that have already been created. I don’t believe that it will be able to retain users, considering Snapchat and Vine’s popularity. I believe that facebook has shifted…[Read more]

  • I feel that for a “killer app” to be implemented it needs to be a super simple interface. The target market for users will be 30-45 years old, considering young home owners will most likely not be able to afford the restructuring of their home to install such technology. That being said, the innovations still need to be “killer”. Drastic…[Read more]

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    Tesla Motors announced on Monday that they are introducing a new product, but to much dismay it is not a new car. Tesla […]

  • I also saw many regulations while doing my research, and also read about the fact that one day people will no longer be able to drive themselves around. My first thought was that it would be impossible to accomplish that goal. But after thinking it over, I realized that these laws are almost 10-20 years away. If autonomous cars begin to sell in 5…[Read more]

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    “The Permission Paradox” – You can’t get the job without the experience but you can’t get the experience without the job – is one of the great career Catch-22s.

    I came across this article on Linkedin, while I was scrolling for jobs. Almost every job I came across required 3-5 years of professional experience. How can I have experience if I cant get a first job?  Well, James Citrin, author of The Career Playbook, tells you how in just 5 steps. Reading this article gave me confidence that not all requirements are so black and white.

    James gives a few pointers that stuck with me after reading:

    1. Be willing to start at the bottom. Just because we have a degree, doesn’t mean we should automatically get a high paid salary in a fortune 500 company. Sometimes you need to work up the ladder.

    2. Re-imagine your experience. Have you ever planned a spring break with your friends? That counts as some type of  “project managing” right? It was your responsibility to collect money, work with budgets, and research unknown variables of the trip.


    To those of you who are still searching for jobs or have already gotten an offer, have you used creative stories like these in interviews to fill an under qualified  job requirement?


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    5 disaster-planning steps article

    Today we talked about how many companies that had data centers in the World Trade Center survived 9/11. With so much talk about continuity plans […]

    • While all of the steps you listed are very important for organizations of all sizes, I think that the most critical step is to “survey your systems.” This step must include a review of all software and hardware infrastructure, as well as networks and data that a company relies upon for operation. In cataloguing its systems, a company should determine which are the most important and which are the most vulnerable, and what the relative costs of securing them or introducing redundancies are.

      The surveying step, in short, generates the information a company needs to decide how to allocate its risk management, business continuity, and disaster recovery resources. If a company fails to survey its systems thoroughly, it may waste resources by strengthening systems unnecessarily, or it may fail to identify dangerous vulnerabilities in certain systems.

  • I believe that creativity and innovation are two separate entities. Creativity is more of an art approach to something. It uses design to catch the eye of a consumer. Creativity makes a product beautiful or more attractive. Innovation is more developing a new method of doing something that no one has thought of yet. When I think of innovation it…[Read more]

  • Project Information
    Group Name: Dream Big Productions
    Project Name: KickTheBucket
    Project Summary
    Do you have a bucket list with dreams that you feel will be impossible to accomplish? Do you have a certain activity in mind that no one else is willing to try? Well we have the app for you! KickTheBucket will assist you in expressing your bucket list and connecting you with like-minded dreamers. This app will allow you to accomplish your bucket list while reducing costs by sharing the activity with a bucket buddy.

    Many people go through life with a special list of activities they want to accomplish. Our project is being created to help customers achieve their lifetime goals. We want users in close proximity to find each other and help achieve these goals together. This application will map out how to accomplish each goal by showing them either activities in the area or the best route to get there. Users can also connect with each other to give advice on activities they have already achieved.

    Project Contacts:
    Angela Gilson –
    Andre Messa –
    Anne Buckley –
    Matthew Ortiz –
    James Brunetto –

    • Very interesting idea. My wife had a bucket list when we got married. We updated it when we got married, and had to update it again a few years ago to add more items.

      There are a lot of opportunities to make this interesting. I will be curious to see how you go about monitizing the application. Some things to think about; there will be different requirement for people creating their first list to people updating their list mid-life, there will be dramatic differences in what people will consider bucket-list worthy, what other services can you offer, bucket lists are not something you look at daily – how do you keep people from being once-and-done? Some items are single events and others are cumulative e.g. visiting every continent.

  • This week has shown that the project is slowly coming together as one final project. All deliverables have been assigned to each PM. Most deliverables have been finished and uploaded to our shared drive. The BAs […]

  • This week started off with the PMs exam 2. On Wednesday, we met with our BAs and they didn’t have a working prototype but, they have decided what the final prototype will be. They met with their professor before […]

  • This week we presented our revised Budget, made in Microsoft Project, in class. Unfortunately, we were not able to have our weekly meeting due to our BAs Exam 2 on Wednesday. I don’t think not meeting will affect […]

  • This week, I was not able to make the weekly meeting on Wednesday. I know we have assigned each of the PMs a rough draft to revise and complete. I have been assigned to complete the Communications Plan and the […]

  • This week was the final interview for our BAs. I was not able to attend because of class, but I did attend our weekly Wednesday meeting with all PMs and our BA Tyler. During our meeting Tyler discussed his […]

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