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  • I worked with three other students to create a Course Search tool for the GenEd department. The premise for our project is “enterprise apps aren’t good”. Through utilizing what we donned “student first thinking” […]

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    Working at Temple has been pretty fun. I made a bunch of apps at GenEd and I’ve made some solid contributions at Computer Services this semester. I’ll be working at Computer Services full time and possibly maintaining GenEd’s server until they find a student worker replacement. If anyone’s competent in OO programming, web development, work study…[Read more]

  • My time working at GenEd and Computer Services has been pretty enjoyable. I’m a software developer in both roles. I started working at GenEd last Spring and just started at Computer Services in December. I plan on […]

  • I learned that you have to roll with the punches. This past week I started a new project but ran into some limitations on the current development environment. I coordinated with the administrators to get added to the new environment in the next week but set up a local environment for the interim.

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    Oh, it’s also importat to note that cars already use free, open source software. If they don’t run UNIX they definitely run QNX so they have a lot of the standard stuff like libcurl, glibc, etc.

    Blog post by maintainer of cURL about how he gets emails from Toyota’s customers for assistance with their cars because his email address is in the…[Read more]

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    I’ve found that the most important skills in my day to day work to be organization and the ability to work independently. I have two jobs so I have to attend meetings for both and stay on top of different projects. If I don’t stay organized things slip to the wayside very quickly.

    At GenEd, I’m the only technical person in the office so by and…[Read more]

  • Imagine the many working processes running on a car’s computer at any given point in time. Now imagine anyone with $69 and the desire to experiment can read and write to the car’s memory effectively changing it’s […]

    • Hey Kevin,

      This is definitely an interesting perspective on startups, and it could honestly determine the future of startups success. I believe that startups should take a more integrative approach when attempting to disrupt an industry. Many startup companies are ignoring the integrative thinking model as a whole, and according to Forbes one of the reasons why startups fail is because they forget to include key business processes. Salience is the first step in the integrative thinking process, and if startups used the integrative approach then they would be able to identify the key business processes and variables to make a successful company. Startup culture is very laid back, but there needs to be a strict emphasis to focus on determining and constantly improving business processes using integrative thinking. A quote by Forbes summarizes all this up: “Successful entrepreneurs understand that they must work on their business, not in their business”.

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    Business Communications was very useful. I tend to want to elaborate in my emails to make sure that I’m explaining things without any ambiguity. However, I accept that most people don’t want to read a long email so I spend more time editing my messages to make sure they’re straight to the point.

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    Is the Switch a disruption at all? I can cast my phone screen to the TV and use a PS3 controller to play games, more or less the same thing as the Switch. Have been able to do that for a few years.

    Nintendo has been making ways to play mobile games at home and console games on the go for forever. I had a screen to take my GameCube in the car…[Read more]

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    If we’re using Christensen’s criteria, then of course he’s correct. However, if you look through a more broad sociological prospective they are definitely disruptive and innovative.

    Disruption is defined as “disturbance or problems that interrupt an event, activity, or process”, the iPhone clearly disrupted the activity of selecting a new…[Read more]

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    Check out the list of companies Google acquired in 2016

    Quite a few of them are VR companies. If Google purchased them to use their tech in Daydream that means only one potentially innovative pair of VR glasses will come out, rather than say 5.

    That one pair of glasses that comes…[Read more]

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    In the past, when applying for a loan, a human had to analyze many factors before offering approval. Now, you can go online and get thousands of dollars instantly. Same thing with insurance.

    Deep Knowledge, a Japanese VC firm, elected AI to their board of directors with the goal of it having an equal vote in every financial decision the firm…[Read more]

  • Kevin Diem posted a new activity comment 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Arguing the morality of an automated business one way or the other is, in my opinion, a boondoggle. Businesses exist to make money, not to pay your salary. Automation should be the ultimate goal for any process. Let them take all the jobs, who wants to do them anyway?

    To me the real question is what happens when the bourgeoisie control the…[Read more]

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    I would definitely continue to trust AWS but I’d introduce some redundancy. This wasn’t the first AWS outage and I think the chaos it causes is more telling of the companies effected than AWS or the cloud.

    In 2501 we learned all about the efforts data centers put in to ensure business as usual can continue in the case of a blackout or natural…[Read more]

  • Facebook, once considered a disruptive innovation, is increasingly taking steps to sustain their platform. The company’s latest offering is a set of tools to help prevent self harm.

    This is one of a number of […]

    • Facebook’s focus on social services is an interesting innovation by the company. These social services seem to be more effective for Facebook to combat cyber bullying and other issues that stem from social media sites. These services will be great as a public relations tool for Facebook and coupled with other new consumer drivers can only help in sustaining its position but it is not the sole answer. Huge internet companies like Google and Facebook purchasing competitors will not make disruptive innovation less likely just eliminate it disrupting their products. By purchasing the companies with potential disruptive innovation, they will still disrupt the market with the products but Facebook or Google will own the product.

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    I love this about my job, too. I’ll usually check in with my manager maybe once a day, or just peek over the cube to ask the guy next to me about a database table. For GenEd I work at home, so I can really get into a groove.

    I had the chance to go give a presentation on an open source project at a friend’s office and they had a completely open…[Read more]

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    From the article you linked to, I don’t think it will effect anyone’s architecture.

    It wasn’t 100% clear, but from what the article said a company offering a private VPN for their employees would be uneffected.

    The rule applies only to Chinese VPN providers. Unless the government were to use their firewall to block access to every single…[Read more]

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    Vizio was recently found guilty of illicitly recording everything users were watching on their smart TV’s screen

    More often than not, security breaches happen because of user errors somewhere along the line. Examples of this include the MongoDB…[Read more]

  • This article from the New York Times outlines the extremely convoluted system and challenges of providing the country’s largest city with power. What I found most interesting was this […]

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    I had no idea where they kept spoons to stir coffee, then I looked through the drawers and found it. The other day, there wasn’t any coffee and I didn’t know where they kept it so I went to Starbucks instead. I heard that cold brew was pretty good on NPR one time, that day I found out for myself.

    I was surprised to learn that most people in my…[Read more]

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