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  • For the final project of our MIS Capstone class, our team was tasked with applying IT and innovative thinking to solve a business problem or propose a new product/ service. In this final project, we have been a […]

  • I think that my time as an Intern at Bquipped has proven to be an excellent experience. I have been able to apply a lot of skills that I have learned from the MIS program. From data analytics and visualization, to project management, there has been a ton of tasks that I have been able to apply my MIS skills. I will not be staying with Bquipped…[Read more]

  • I would say the biggest thing I learned from my internship that I couldn’t learn in a classroom is the ability to tackle assignments when deadlines change. In school, every assignment we have comes with a due date, so we can mentally prepare ourselves and map out our action plan to get the assignment done. When it comes to internship assignments…[Read more]

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    It has already been noted, but I believe the best thing you can do to protect your house, devices, and identity from hackers is to routinely change passwords and not get too comfortable with default passwords and automatic logins. You should also make sure you disconnect these devices from each other regularly. If someone were to simply take these…[Read more]

  • I find this topic very interesting and we also did our last case study on a similar topic, so I have done a little bit of research into this. At the moment, I think that hacking is definitely being taken into consideration when creating smart cars. But I also believe that there is a lot more that needs to be learned and applied when it comes to…[Read more]

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    I think it is pretty clear that big data has an enormous impact on the success of many companies today. Having all of this data is one thing, but being able to understand and leverage it for success is a skill that not everyone has. I think we are at a point in time where more and more people are beginning to learn this skill, and I think that we…[Read more]

  • I think that there are quite a few classes where I have been able to take the things that I have learned and leverage them in my internship. My 2502 and 0855 classes helped prepared me for some of the data analytics tasks I have worked on. I have been able to apply what I have learned with Tableau to create custom dashboards of survey data that we…[Read more]

  • In today’s world of sports, data is being collected everywhere. From sports management and broadcasting to gaming and fantasy companies, data is being collected and used in a variety of ways to both make money […]

    • 1. Do you think big data is being used to it’s fullest potential in the sports world?

      I think big data is being used at near its fullest potential. Big data has changed the NBA game, football teams pro and collegiate are using sports science that leverages big data to ensure peak performance from nutrition and sleep. Furthermore, they are putting sensors in the helmets and pads to further track the players. Even motorsports are collecting mountains of data and acting on it in real time.

      2. Do you see any uses of data that have not been adopted yet in the sports world?


      3. Do you think the sports industry would survive if it took a step back from its reliance on big data?

      Yes. Big data is a tool, but in sports like football and hockey data doesn’t tell the whole story. You have to be able to see the attributes that cannot be measured quantitatively such as chemistry. You can have a team with great data points, but lacks chemistry.

    • I do not see big data used to its full potential in sports because currently in the NBA only a few teams base their decisions off analytics. Many teams right now base their decisions from the points the play scores, the defense they bring, or the little things they do. They do not see if this players data can contribute positively or negatively to a team. The Houston Rockets for an example base many of their decisions on analytics and they have put a team that works perfectly with their super star play James Harden. They do not have many big names, but the team works effectively together.

      I do not see any adoption that has not been implemented in sports. Teams that use data use the injury risk that a player has, the best spot a player can be the effective at, the type of defenses that are most effective on teams, and etc. There are so many different data that is being used in sports.

      I do not believe the sports industry will be affect too much from not using big data. As long as people have the desire to watch the different sports, people will still support it.

    • Do you think big data is being used to it’s fullest potential in the sports world?
      -I feel that big data is not being utilized to its fullest potential within the sports world. I believe that we have only “scratched the surface” in data usage when its comes to sports. Although I do not have ways in which we can better use the data, I feel that there is an incredible amount of potential in data usage. A key aspect of the sports world that I feel data could be better utilized is injuries. I feel that just as Cirque du Soleil uses data to predict injuries to performers, sports teams could use data to predict when it is best to rest a player to avoid major injuries.

    • The idea that data plays a role on sports teams isn’t new, and the number of teams relying on data and the level to which they are doing so both seem to be growing. Perhaps one of the most memorable stories (largely because it made it to the big screen) was the unlikely success of Billy Beane and the low-budget Oakland A’s (Moneyball). But the new age of analytics in sports is about more than an explosion of stats or a new management role; it will actually reshape longstanding norms around communication and coaching. Coaches can look at actions as specific as “Left foot shots on target” and “Right foot blocked shots” and see if they were more likely to lead to winning or losing, which allows for specific changes in practice habits, player decision and more.

  • Time management does play a pretty important role in being able to balance schoolwork and internship work. When you are only meeting for work once or twice a week, it gets easy to put off certain tasks for your internship. Sometimes I found myself focusing more on my school assignments and had to crunch in internship work last minute. One thing…[Read more]

  • Based off of this article, I do believe that FAMIS is essentially holding the city hostage in regards to upgrading. As noted, this is a 35 year old legacy system, and the fact that newer systems were discontinued because they failed to integrate properly with FAMIS shows that a change is needed. I agree with what Alan Kim’s comment that if the…[Read more]

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    1.) Up until this point, I have never really been cautious when it came to the cloud computing companies I have interacted with. I didn’t even know about Cloudbleed up until I saw this article. I think it is pretty important that you look a little deeper into the security set in place by these companies before you use them. I think that I will be…[Read more]

  • Kyle Matusik posted a new activity comment 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    1) I do believe that cloud computing will play a big part in the future of business, and most like will be important for a long time to come. And it has definitely grown to have a large impact on the lives of individuals. This is an interesting point that I believe we spent some time touching on in class, and although there is no way to tell just…[Read more]


    The online world of advertisements and ad blockers wouldn’t be the first place you would think to see disruptive innovation being applied. As the popularity of the Internet grew, so did the opportunity fo […]

    • There will always be the constant battle between consumer and advertising, and I think that this conflict is important in driving innovation in technology. This being said, I believe that new ways of appealing to consumers, targeting niche markets, and reaching the end user in a more positive light, should be developed along with consistency in already established channels, such as ad blockers/internet advertisements.

    • Realistically, yes we should have the ability to remove all ads from our internet experience. At times, it becomes very annoying because I feel as I am always trying to be sold something. The problem is that these ads create so much revenue for the companies involved. If it doesn’t work on me, it is bound to work on somebody else. Companies will always find ways to disrupt ad blockers. We are in the age of constant advertising, it is better to accept it now, instead of trying to fight it.

    • The source of conflict between consumers and advertisers is an interesting one, in that consumers want ad-free content, but don’t want to pay for it. Since a trade-off free situation is unlikely, it seems as though advertisements will persist. Google, and Facebook are two companies whose primary source of revenue is ads. Their ability to target ads to users is what advertisers pay for, and what ultimately make their product/service offerings free to users. Both platforms are so ubiquitous, it is also unlikely that users will stop using their products. A more likely solution would be to allow users to pay a recurring fee to block advertisements on their accounts. This amount would be determined by the average ad revenue per person for the company, which in the case of larger firms could be very high. Either way, most customers will continue browsing with ads, but the option still exists to block them for a cost.

    • Yes, consumers should have the ability to block ads from their internet experience. Don’t we have the ability to that to a certain extent with DVR while watching television? I don’t mind having ads on the website I visit. The problem is when these websites put so many frivolous ads that it takes away from the user experience. These types of ads also make loading the site slower. This is why sites load faster when you have an ad blocker running. I know sites such as Business Insider, Forbes and Wired will block you from using their site if they detect you using an ad blocker. A friendly message usually appears asking you to white-list their site. Publishers brought this on themselves and now have to find ways to monetize their sites through subscriptions or lightweight engaging ads.


    In class, we have discussed the role that ERP plays in integrating business processes. As mentioned in the article, there really is no denying the growing importance that ERP has on business. But as the […]

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    Hey all,

    I am continuing my internship role with Bquipped this semester, which is a local sports technology startup based out of Philly. At Bquipped, we use survey technology to analyze the athletic equipment market, as well as the playing styles and buying preferences that factor into an athletes equipment choice. We use this information to…[Read more]

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    When I hear the terms IPod or IPhone, Steve Jobs automatically comes to mind. His talent and passion while presenting can be seen in almost every presentation he gives. It is easy to see how he is one of the best presenters of our time. One of the most significant things that he does while presenting is keeping the slides simple, yet really…[Read more]

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    This week we made some significant progress towards closing out the semester. We held a meeting with our entrepreneur and went over the final adjustments that need to be made to the budget. We also held our final meeting with Courtney, where we got a better idea of how to wrap up our projects, and we also gave feedback on the course. Now, we just…[Read more]

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