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  • Since enrolling in this program, I have been on the lookout for advice from information security professionals and IT auditors on how to get started and succeed in this field.  While I found many pieces of […]

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    I am sure that they were not targeting businesses for their “services” but were stating that was the case in order to try to “cover their assess”. It was likely that a majority of their customers were looking for DDoS services and vDOS was able to fly under the radar for several years. If that was not the case, I do think that…[Read more]

  • Hi Ming,

    You bring up a good point that choosing a programming language should be primarily based on what you want to accomplish. With that being said, I do think Python offers more flexibility in that R is more concerned with data analysis while Python runs a whole myriad of programs, from video games to instagram.

  • According to the article found on KrebsonSecurity, two younger Israelis are likely going to stand trial in their involvement in an online service called vDOS. vDOS states their service was to help companies test […]

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    Wen Ting,

    A portion of hacking is just a bunch of “uncool” kids exploiting the Internet and ruining it for the rest of us. However, these individuals are exploiting vulnerabilities due to the fact that a large amount of users don’t know how to protect themselves and their web applications. Therefore, I would agree with you that many believe…[Read more]

  • As a student, I am always looking to develop new skills and qualifications that are being demanded by today’s market. One of those qualifications that I was lacking was my inability to code. After discussing the m […]

    • I agree with you. Python’s major advantage is its breadth. For example, R can run Machine Learning algorithms on a preprocessed dataset, but Python is much better at processing the data. Pandas is an incredibly useful library that can essentially do everything SQL does and more. matplotlib lets you create useful visualizations to quickly understand your data. In terms of algorithm availability, you can get plenty of algorithms out of the box with scikit-learn.
      The choice of programming language depends on your work and goal of your data analysis. At present the two most popular programming tools are R and Python. Python is used when data analysis tasks need to be integrated with web apps and code needs to be incorporated into a production database. Python is the most important programming language for data science and data mining because it is easy to learn, scalable with awesome visualization packages and excellent python community where you can find data science libraries.

    • Python vs R, a general question for many beginners, but choosing the tools should never be the primary problem, what you want to handle with by using such a tool should be your first consideration. As you stated, you want to build your ability to code, I would also suggest Python. Python, being a more general-purpose language, is great for handling the myriad tasks you’ll have to do when coding other than mathematics, that’s one of its advantage against R. And even in the context of data analysis work, these certainly pop up. Need to parse data in a funny format? Want to represent your data with custom classes that can’t easily be shoehorned into an array structure? Python might be preferable.

      • Hi Ming,

        You bring up a good point that choosing a programming language should be primarily based on what you want to accomplish. With that being said, I do think Python offers more flexibility in that R is more concerned with data analysis while Python runs a whole myriad of programs, from video games to instagram.

    • My first programming language was C programming back when I was 16 years old. I strongly agree with the choice being Python. From what I have noticed is that coding in Python is relatively easier than other languages.

      And, I am not sure if people are aware of this or not but we get a free subscription as temple students that we can access through TU PORTAL. I have tried websites like Code Academy and Udacity in the past; thought they were great; they are also free.

  • Hey Blake,

    I read this article last week. It seems that many in the information security field naturally inspect an ATM or credit card machine prior to inserting the device. While it is good practice, I have seen on social media (twitter, reddit, etc.) where people actually accidentally break the devices they are “tugging” on. Alot of times…[Read more]

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    Hey Mansi,

    Yes it is really surprising. It seems to be a combination of small mistakes and then blatant disregard for security. As you said, the weak spot in the camera was something that was overlooked, but just not locking the doors is just plain ignorant. There was one scene where the individual who gave the security team a tour of the…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone.  In class, we talked about how cyber professionals need to have a military-minded thought process in protecting an organization’s assets as well as how nation states could potentially hack into […]

    • Thanks for sharing this, Paul ! Despite watching the video, I still think it’s unbelievable that the Redteam Security guys were able to gain access into the premises and network with so much ease. Even in their first attempt where they tried social engineering, they were almost about to gain entry into the office just pretending to be from the ISP. I recall the class when Mike Green told us that people don’t tend to question uniform and that’s exactly what happened. Doors not being locked, and surveillance systems having blind spots without any compensatory controls are really surprising too.

  • I am currently in the pursuit of switching banks to either another bank or credit union.  For the standard person, some of the decision points that an individual might have when choosing a bank might be interest […]

  • In today’s audit world, much of the substantiated evidence that we acquire during an IT audit is generated by computers. Such evidence can be include scheduled reports run at various times or can be evidence p […]

  • It seemed that another successful businessman, Mark Cuban, just joined the likes of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Stephen Hawkings in that they all believe that in the future, a notable chunk of the workforce will be […]

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    Hey Mustafa,

    Thanks for adding to the conversation/blog post. I can see how Benford’s law would not be applicable to those data sets. Also it is interesting that Benford might not apply to data sets under 500 records. If you were to perform a Benford analysis in Trans_April table in Lab 05/06, you will see that the arch does not fall within…[Read more]

  • Hey Said,

    I took the question’s “impact” on an organization moreso to be like how the organization can utilize the technology and improve itself with not so much the “impact” being how much it costs financially. For example, utilizing an email application can “impact” the organization by offering a quicker and more reliable form of communicat…[Read more]

  • Hey Mustafa,

    You bring a different perspective to the question. You state that if you were an auditee the worst thing that you can get would be “more findings”. What happens in a situation where the audit is performed on a newly designed process or department and that this is the first audit? If I am an auditee, I would like the auditor to…[Read more]

  • Last week I posted a tip on how to turn GUI actions into a script in ACL.  I have been playing with ACL to familiarize myself with the software some more and found another trick that I thought I would share with […]

  • Hey Blake,

    This was a good article that you posted about. As others have stated, I would be a little wary giving up data to a third party but I guess it depends on what information and what organization I belong too. For example, if metadata pertaining to the actions of a web user needed to be analyzed for marketing purposes then I suppose I…[Read more]

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    Which one of these do you consider the worst type from the standpoint of the auditee? Why? The auditee is the person or group responsible for the subject matter being audited.

    In my opinion, the worst type of auditor from the auditee standpoint would be that of “The Cookbook Auditor”. This type of auditor is one who generally uses a che…[Read more]

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    Technology changes at mind-boggling speeds, and it greatly affects businesses and enterprises. What do you consider to be more important, depth of knowledge in technology, or its impact on the enterprise?

    I think the answer to this question should be determined on how you want your role to be within an organization. I say this because having a…[Read more]

  • During our class this past week, we discussed some of the various ways to perform data analysis utilizing ACL. One of those options discussed was that of utilizing scripts. A script is a series of commands […]

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