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    My most important takeaway from this course was how to use tableau to analyze data sets and visually represent my findings. I feel as though I will be able to better work with data for future projects/courses. I also have a greater appreciation for gathering data to create data sets and transforming it so ti is standardized.

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    A data-driven service I usually use is the New Yorker. If the data from the activity on this site were represented in a spreadsheet, the columns would be: name of user,
    date, (when you started on a page and when you leave) duration on page, articles visited, advertisements visited. This would help the New Yorker better cater content for each…[Read more]

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    A KPI that I use frequently is the steps tracker on my iPhone. It is a SMART KPI because

    S: It is specific because I set a goal I want to accomplish for the week. If I fall short of it, I fail, if I reach or exceed it, I succeed.
    M: It is measurable because the pedometer counts the total # of steps I take and breaks it up into days/weeks.
    A:…[Read more]

  • The article (cited below) explores the possibility of artificial intelligence replacing 13% of lawyer hours, which would replace 2.5% of lawyers per year over five years. Big law firms are currently looking […]

    • To answer your first question, I think AI can become a cost saver in the future of the legal industry. The ability to automate processes can result in a reduction of legal head counts, but will increase the amount of IT workers in legal firms and hardware/software needed to automate the processes. There may not be any noticeable savings in the short-term, but the savings will be noticeable in the long-term. The only reason why I believe this may not happen in the future is because most clients would prefer to have a person review the documents for their cases than a machine that may be prone to security issues and system malfunctions. Other than these risks, I can see the implementation of AI in legal firms a possibility in the future.

    • Yes, I think robots/artificial intelligence will replace some lawyers, not all. Robots will replace the menial tasks the lawyers do such as document review. The article states that “corporate clients are no longer willing to pay high hourly rates to law firms or junior lawyer to do routine work”. So in a sense its already happening since human beings used to do the “routine work”. I say give it 5-10 years to see the cost savings. Absolutely artificial intelligence is a disruptor in the legal field. If Amazon can predict what we want to buy next, how come this can’t be applied in the legal field. How long does it take for a lawyer(s) to review a case to see if they want to represent a particular client? Can machine learning review the data to see if its in the law firms interest to take on a case?

    • 1. Do you think in the future that technology can become a form of cost savings (ERP, DM) and even further down a form of making money (knowledge transfer) to legal firms?
      If you do, how long do you it will take?

      I think it can be for small claims cases such as a dispute over small amounts of money and the other basic cases of the like. As for time frame maybe 10 years would be my rough guess.

      2. Does this make AI (potentially) a disruptor in the legal field?
      I don’t think so, because I only see it being viable for some small claims cases, which are basic. I don’t see AI replacing lawyers with specialized experience in high profile cases. Case in point I don’t see AI saying “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit” Johnnie Cochran, because AI probably isn’t capable of overriding all logic and arguing OJ didn’t commit murder.

    • Saving money in the legal space may be realistic for smaller case where A.I. will free up time for lawyers to focus on larger cases. A.I. may be able to handle a lot of the documentation processes and small claims stuff. The challenge will be communication in jury trials, retaining clients(building relationships to get cases) and building credibility in the court room with other people. How a person delivers a story can change a persons perspective and the outcome of a case.
      Disruption would happen if the entire legal system removed people from the equation but every component would have to change. The legal system would be like the move ‘Minority Report’.

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    I don’t feel as though it is being considered seriously because the technology is still in its infancy and is not as pervasive. Currently TESLA is the only car manufacturer that has autonomous vehicles on the road, and it has strict no liability clauses in its contracts. As part of IoT, autonomous cars are susceptible to cyber security threats.…[Read more]

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    A common mistake I have made in the past is to not back up the data that I was working with, and at times create different versions. This has particularly happened to me on excel sheets for finance classes, such as intermediate corporate finance, in which I would work on a pro forma without saving my progress at various stages. That way, if I made…[Read more]

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    The article uses polling data to determine whether the travel ban that Trump instituted is as unpopular as the media portrayal of it on different media stations (i.e. CBS). It…[Read more]


    Digital Design & Innovation (MIS 3504)

    Taking digital design & innovation with Professor Moustafellos was a great learning experience that I heavily relied upon at my internship at Grant Thornton. S […]

  • The source of conflict between consumers and advertisers is an interesting one, in that consumers want ad-free content, but don’t want to pay for it. Since a trade-off free situation is unlikely, it seems as though advertisements will persist. Google, and Facebook are two companies whose primary source of revenue is ads. Their ability to target…[Read more]

  • The article discusses how respondents to a survey towards adoption SAP’s cloud offerings  reveal that barriers to using SAP Cloud include “existing investments in on-premise applications (57 percent) and a lac […]

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    I believe that “ask why” is the most important data principle. A infographic tells one story, but any single story has multiple facets, that cannot all be conveyed. As a result, I think it’s important that the viewers of infographics take it upon themselves to research the opposite case that an infographic makes, and to research individual…[Read more]

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    Data Science has had a large impact on Social Media platforms, which have been able to aggregate and analyze user data to gain insight into knowledge about individual users, their preferences and who they are. This has many effects, including the perpetuation of the filter bubble (i.e. Facebook which caters your newsfeed to your preferences and…[Read more]

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    After Snapchat goes public, due to it’s substantial valuation of $35B, it will be sitting on a large amount of cash, which it should invest into securing an enterprise architecture that would support a cloud platform in the future. Google is considered to be a competitor to social media platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat, and as such,…[Read more]

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    The study discusses how the Patriots, more specifically Tom Brady, win Super Bowls and play off games. The data provided Brady and non-Brady Super Bowls by wins and losses for Quarterbacks with more than 10 passes since the 2001 season. It accounts for past attempts and large…[Read more]

  • Facebook’s response to growing public discontent with its “fake news” posts reveals a strategic organizational structure potentially crafted to create proprietary and original news content; not just distr […]

    • I just read an article about this and found it to be very interesting. I think that Facebook will keep the matrix structure because this offers flexibility and they can adapt to market changes accordingly. The component with the news department is going to require them to follow a matrix due to geographical news being different depending on the location. This would be interesting to see how they structure this department. I think it will be one larger department then broken down to regions that will target an agreed upon audience. I have been wondering if news stories would one day be a live feed provided to the target audience. There may be a legal liability that comes along with doing the live feeds. We have so many regulations in placed with televisions this may not be possible. The news department may need a specialized legal team to product them from law suits. As a company gets larger the pieces become more complicated and tougher to organize.

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    Conventional wisdom states that having an impairment of some sort (hearing, reading, etc.) is a setback, due to which the Goliaths of the World will always triumph over the Davids. However, in his book, ‘David and Goliath,” Malcolm Gladwell identifies that over 30% of the most successful and well known business leaders have suffered such…[Read more]

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    Steve Job’s presentation style is very engaging because it elicits attention from the audience through minimal screen use. The images he utilizes are bold, but require further explanation, which he provides. The simplistic use of images (visual aids) augments the speech part of the presentation. He is also able to describe apple products with an…[Read more]

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    We tried to wrap the project up, and set Will and his team up the best we could for next semester. This primarily consisted of going over the document for the binder to make sure they were accurate and seeing if there were any last minute things Will and his team needed for us.

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    The PM team was able to secure a contracted individual to create Will’s video for free, therefore not affecting our budget, which we are really glad about. Additionally, we amended our org chart to reflect an addition of a new CTO. We are hoping that this addition will help balance out the dearth of technological awareness, as it applies to the…[Read more]

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