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  • Domain 2, Quiz 2; 74%

  • I’ve emailed the result before;


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    Domain 1 Quiz 2 , 74%

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    I agree with you and liked you mentioned that Data analysis in internal audit process has moved from a desired activity to a required one.

    Internal audit departments are increasingly relying on data analytics technology and hiring more people who have sophisticated data analysis skills, according to a new survey.

    Few weeks ago…[Read more]

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    Thank you for sharing that, It should be intresting. Specifically for the students that are looking for job it should be a great opportunity.

    Philly Tech Week is an annual open calendar of events celebrating technology and innovation in the Philadelphia region. Philly Tech Week is organized by Comcast and Technically publishes in…[Read more]

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    Interesting post, As you mentioned having a strong data collection setup and access to detailed reports in services like Google Analytics, Facebook or any popular social media, and others will provide E-commerce company with the information needed to make critical business decisions.

  • I found this information interesting:

    The presumed answer is yes! In the US alone, the Department of Justice calls hacking back “likely illegal”; the Federal Bureau of Investigation “cautions” victims against […]

    • I worry about getting into a cyber-war, but now I think that it may be a good idea to attempt to take out the hacking capabilities of known hacking groups. Obviously, there would need to be some guidelines, but It may be better to get them before they get you.

    • I can’t help to think of the old saying “two wrongs don’t make a ‘right’!” A very good point was made about retaliating against the wrong person/entity. I can see where a retaliating victim could quickly become the criminal if an unsuspecting person becomes the ‘new victim’. The home intrusion analogy was very effective in illustrating the various outcomes that could occur. Although it makes logical sense to notify the authorities when you are a victim of a crime; it was stated earlier this semester that it is fairly likely that the authorities will most likely not follow up individual claims of cyber-fraud. So, I can definitely understand why there may be some ‘technology-savvy’ victims who may want to take matters into their own hands.

    • James,

      The comment you made about nothing being done was something that came to mind when originally answering this question. Ed talked about the young guy in Atlanta that was attempting to hack his company. They decided not to do anything legally, but what would they have gotten if they did? Mike Green talked about the guy in Albania, where nothing was done. If the authorities continue to do nothing, then companies will eventually take matters into their own hands.

  • Lack of privileged access management (PAM) may cause lots of business problems. In this article, challenges and obstacles related to PAM is reviewed. In the link provided below the interview with global vice […]

  • I am sure you won’t be surprised reading this post; It is going to be future of Auditing! 
    From my point of view, I’ve experienced it during job searching process and since I had data analytics experience, the […]

    • Great post. I believe data analytics can be an incredibly powerful tool for auditors. Advances in data science can be applied to perform more effective audits. Audit data analytics methods can be used in audit planning and in procedures to identify and assess risk by analyzing data to identify patterns, correlations, and fluctuations from models. These methods can give auditors new insights about the entity and its risk environment and improve the quality of analytical procedures of the audit. This can greatly help auditors obtain better evidence for their audit opinions.

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    I posted similar comment couple weeks ago trying to address differences between Business Intelligence and data analysis. One of the terms I’ve mentioned was data warehousing that is part of Business Intelligence. I have experienced working with ETL tool such as SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) to perform ETL Process. as you…[Read more]

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    Hi Sarush,

    It was an interesting post! I remember I posted one blog before explaining that people shouldn’t post their flight ticket in Instagram, personal information are accessible from barcode. Two Factor Authentication purpose is to make attackers’ life harder and reduce fraud risks. If we already follow basic password security mea…[Read more]

  • WikiLeaks has released a second batch of CIA attack tools, dubbed Dark Matter, which includes malware designed to exploit Mac OS X and iOS devices. But Apple contends the attacks target vulnerabilities (that […]

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    Hi Candace,

    I also have the same problem. my suggestion about second question is that each card numbers based on “Credit_Cards_Metaphor” table are
    associated with a specific customer. So if the customer number that is included in transaction table is not equal to the original customer number, it means the card holder charged other people exp…[Read more]

  • I choose this topic based on last week speech.

    It is important to know that Americans are more likely to say their households have been victimized by credit card information theft than to say they were victims […]

  • In my previous job I had experience working with Business Intelligence tools such as SAP Business Objects and Microsoft OLAP tools to create dashboards and data warehouses based on Oracle ERP data. I was curious […]

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    I really liked your post and it is an interesting topic!

    I did research about this post and found out that Germany’s Federal Network Agency announced that retailers and owners could face fines if they continue to stock it or fail to permanently disable the doll’s wireless connection. I agree with you that using this kind of toy…[Read more]

  • New York Department of Financial Services Issues Final Cybersecurity Regulation

    On February 16, 2017, New York’s Department of Financial Services (DFS) issued the “first-in-the-nation” cybersecurity reg […]

  • Sean,

    You are right! the greatest impacts on audit from millennials is in IT aspect. Managers would benefit from their strong technology literacy. Technology is one of the biggest drivers of change in organizations and millennials like to work in challenging environment. They seek ever-changing tasks within their work and cannot tolerate…[Read more]

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    Millennials are the technological and connected generation. In Audit Assurance profession, Managers can take advantage of their comfort level with teams.
    We millennials used to working in groups and teams, we have experienced team success and like to network around the world electronically.
    Audit and Assurance profession need to have strong…[Read more]

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    Well said, your comment to this question is pointing to what I mentioned about question 2, from an Audit perspective , auditors that have deep and detailed knowledge about technology “The Geek”, can waste an excessive amount of the auditees’ time on irrelevant and negligible subjects.

    Also I was thinking about recruiting process for A…[Read more]

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