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Munir Mandviwalla
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You can walk into my office at any time. Let Marlene know that you are in my class and you can get past her.


C or better in MIS 2101 

Course description and goals

MIS 3536 information systems innovation is an elective course focused on innovative technology, specifically (a) analyzing technology enabled innovation, (b) designing  technology enabled innovation, and (c) evaluating  technology enabled innovation. You will learn how to analyze and identify the innovative aspects of novel technology enabled products and services as well as novel technology that is driven by the need for new products and services. You will learn how to think like an technology entrepreneur that can master and direct the future!

For fall 2010, we will focus on the “Business of Creating Technology Enabled Ecosystems.”  The most successful and interesting new products and services today are technology enabled ecosystems such as the Apple iPhone, the Word Press blogging platform, the Toyota Scion brand, Amazon web services, and most recently Pillsbury cookie dough. These ecosystems typically support vertical and horizontal third party or consumer led integration strategies which allow extensive customization and extension. The original product often becomes the operating system or platform for yet new products and services. Analysis of network effects or platforms only begins to capture the nuances of the multi-dimensional effects of the ecosystem of these products. There is a need for a much more systematic and holistic analysis of the complete ecosystem. These technology enabled ecosystems are sometimes purposely designed, seeded, or emerge naturally from a confluence of events. In this course, you will accomplish three goals: 1. Identify and systematically analyze successful and emerging classes of technology enabled ecosystems, this will include specifying the business model and the underlying technology engine that supports the ecosystem, 2. Create a framework for inventing new technology enabled ecosystems, and 3. Propose a new technology enabled ecosystem product or service.

The course will follow a workshop model and include guest speakers who have experience in creating or using technology enabled ecosystems.

The course has three themes:

  • Analysis – What is innovation? How do you identify it?
  • Design – How do you design innovative technology enabled products and services?
  • Evaluate – How do you evaluate a new technology enabled product or service?

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