End of On-Premises ERP

We discussed a lot about the merits of both on-premises and cloud based ERPs, but according to Gartner, on-premises ERPs will be considered “legacy systems” by 2016.

The main argument from Gartner is that companies are seeking to lower IT costs and to increase flexibility. Additionally, on-premises ERPs created more value for consultancies that helped companies implement them than the companies themselves. The thought of an integrated ERP was great in theory, but many companies have failed to capture this supposed value. I don’t know if on-premises ERPs will be considered legacy by 2016 because many companies will be unwilling to abandon systems they’ve spent millions on, but I agree that they are on their way out, regardless of industry. Do you guys agree with Gartner’s assertion that on-premises ERPs will be considered legacy systems?


One Response to End of On-Premises ERP

  • I agree with Gartner’s assertion that on-premises ERPs will be considered legacy systems because new technology is constantly developing at an extremely rapid rate. Companies constantly have to customize their on-premises ERP systems, which tends to be very expensive and inconvenient. Technology experts will definitely come up with a better solution due to the need being in demand. I also agree with Gartner because it is a reliable source that utilizes highly trusted researchers as we learned in MIS2501.

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