Performance Reviews: Why Bother?

This article regarding performance reviews says that reviews a few times a year are meaningless. It states that company performance reviews should be like that of sports teams, immediate feedback as opposed to every quarter as was discussed in class. While quarterly reviews are better than annual reviews, too much time will have passed when quarterly reviews are given. The feedback to employees should be immediate so that they can modify their behavior so as not to waste company resources.

It goes on to say that the purpose of the performance review isn’t for the benefit of the employee, but rather for the company. In many cases, it provides written documentation of your failings so that if need be, they can fire you and cite the poor reviews as the reasoning. Even HR managers dislike performance reviews as shown by a 2010 Sibson Consulting study where 58% of managers disliked their own review systems.

While the article states that performance reviews are meaningless, it advocates the need for immediate feedback which is a less formal type of performance review. Do you think this model is better than what most companies have in place now? Or should companies do both, informal immediate feedback coupled with formal quarterly reviews?

One Response to Performance Reviews: Why Bother?

  • I believe that informal and formal reviews are the best way for employees to grow and add value in an organization. Informal feedback sessions can help keep employees on task, as well as keeping them motivated to continue different projects in the short run. This can also help keep employees excited about the work that they are doing. More formal feedback sessions should be kept for career mobility, compensation discussions, and larger, longer term projects. These are different motivation factors that need to be addressed, and are more appropriate in a formal, documented session.

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