Gordon Burtch, Yang Yang, Sunil Wattal, Pei-yu Chen, Paul Pavlou, and Youngjin Yoo to present at ICIS 2011

ICIS 2011Fox School MIS faculty and doctoral students to present their research at the 2011 International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Shanghai, China, December 4-7, 2011.


Human Capital of IT Professionals: A Research Agenda
Soon Ang; Rajiv Banker; Ravi Bapna; Sandra Slaughter; Sunil Wattal (Chair)

Digital Technology and the Variation in Design Routines: A Sequence Analysis of Four Design Processes
(Nominated for best paper)
James Gaskin; Veeresh Thummadi; Kalle Lyytinen; Youngjin Yoo

Winner Determination of Open Innovation Contests in Online Markets
Yang Yang; Pei-yu Chen; Rajiv Banker

Herding Behavior as a Network Externality
Gordon Burtch

An Empirical Examination of the Antecedents of Contribution Patterns in Crowdfunded Markets
Gordon Burtch; Anindya Ghose; Sunil Wattal

Nurturing Sales Entrepreneurship in Consumer-to-Consumer Marketplaces
Carol Ou; Wing Sze Poon; Paul Pavlou; Robert Davison

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