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AWS Essential Training for Developers

This training was done by Jeremy Villeneuve, the founder of Halvanta, LLC which is an IT consulting firm. The video covers many features of AWS that are covered in the MIS 3406 course Cloud Architecture such as setting up an AWS account, creating a .pem file – a private key to decrypt passwords, and creating instances with regions and availability zones. The LinkedIn Learning dives into many interesting sections of AWS. The learning covers areas like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) computing and networking, which are areas we’ve spent time discovering the differences between internet and NAT gateways, and about the virtual private cloud, or VPC. Some new features that the learning covered were about AWS services like Database as a Service (DBaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and DevOps.

DevOps was interesting to learn about since it is where the development team and operations team of a company combine with the use of AWS. Here, companies can use tools such as Continous Integration (CI) and Continous Deployment (CD). CI is where small changes to code are automatically tested whenever a change is made by any developer. CD is where tested changes in the code are automatically deployed to a staging environment and can then be automatically sent into production. With these tools of automation, companies can focus on asking important questions like is our site running well, instead of only asking if our site is up and running.

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