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Turn Social Distancing Into an Opportunity to Create Social Closeness

This Webinar invited Bessie Kokalis Pescio, the Vice President of Global International Communications at Phillip Morris International. With 2020 providing many obstacles, Pescio was able to find opportunities, especially for communication. The key focuses were boosting relevancy, clarity and confidence, consistency with outreach, leadership and visibility with engagement, and being united and connected with employees. The best way this was accomplished was by harnessing shared passions: Pescio discovered that many people shared passions in music and food. This resulted in a talent show-like activity where people submitted reels of themselves performing their talents. The goal was to highlight connection and authenticity. This unique method broke the monotony of what people expected through the virtual environment. Her takeaway from this experience was to have a solid foundation, gather as much feedback as possible, and think outside the box, all while never losing sight of the business objective.

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