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How to get Booked on Podcasts Without a PR Team

In this webinar our guest speaker was Danielle Desir, the podcast host of \\\”The Thought Card\\\” and she gave great insight on how to interact in this market as an independent podcast owner/host. Danielle gave great advice on how to contact other independent podcasts as well as bigger platforms, without the need of a PR team as assisting in that connection. She actually recommended to not use a PR team or interact with those using a PR team in this space, as it taints that genuine connection between the two platforms and can make the interaction on air awkward or uncomfortable at times. Danielle also gave advice about how to prepare for having guests on your podcast or being a guest yourself and preparing for those interactions. I felt this webinar to be very interesting and potentially helpful in the future. I\\\’ve considered creating a podcast platform in the past either for fun or to express my interests with others, and Danielle gave great insight on this world in general, where before I was unsure.

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