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IBIT – Digital Leader Fireside Chat

IBIT was the host of this event and the speaker was George Llado, Senior Vice President & CIO at Alexion.

This event was more of a question and answer call for George Llado, who gave great insight on the evolution of work environments. His point of view is that as long as you bring your best self to the work environment, appearance is not an issue. He talked about how if an employee needs to eat during a video call, its not a big deal just turn the camera off. I got the impression that George cared more about the well being and comfortability of the employee, which can be a great strategy to maximize employee performance. at the end of the day its all abut productivity and getting stuff done, the structure in how it is done  per employee isn\\\\\\\’t the biggest concern if the employees are productive to the company time standards.

I think George gave some great insight into the evolving work environment. As I continue to search for a job in todays market, I realize that most of my concerns involve how I am going to be able to get into the swing of things if I am forced to work at home. George ensured that from his experience and the experience of people he has talked to has been similar with switching to online work environment. People seem more productive when working in a comfortable environment like their home. Even with my experience this semester, I feel somewhat more productive when working from home. I believe this may be true because of how easy it is to contact people via zoom. With everything being online, it has never been easier to stay up to date on assignments, meetings, and due dates.

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