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ISACA – Mastering Cybersecurity Asset Management – Once and For All

This event was hosted by ISACA via online on August 11, 2020. The guest speaker for this event was Axonius’s Senior Security Engineer, Andrew Senko.

In this webinar, Andrew discussed the challenges he has faced with cybersecurity asset management as technology continues to evolve. These include Aggregating data from many security tools, finding unmanaged devices on a network, real-time inventorying at massive scales, validating compliance, and doing more with less. with each challenge, Andrew gave a real life experience he has faced and a multitude of solutions that helped him solve them. Andrew gave great insight on the many underlining factors of cybersecurity asset management and how to create a successful plan to succeed in your own work environment.

As I learn more about cybersecurity I become more aware of the many vulnerabilities a network can face in the workforce. It has made me more cautious of what nodes I connect to certain networks. I continue to try and practice securing my devices as much as possible, as I feel it is a valuable skill to learn in today’s environment. The courses I’ve taken in the past along with ones I will take in the future all connect to this concept and allow me to further improve my own cybersecurity practices.

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