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ISACA-Security & Privacy Compliance in Work from Home Situations

This webinar event was hosted by ISACA on August 6th, 2020. The speaker of this event was CEO of the privacy Professor, Rebecca Herold.

Due to the increase of at home work environments caused by Coivd-19, Rebecca gave great insight on how to approach potential security and privacy risks. She helped identify common vulnerabilities found with these new work environments, and the procedures that could help minimize the risk presented. Some procedures she mentioned include employee training, ongoing awareness reminders, risk assessments, and vendor/supply chain oversight.

This webinar allowed me to realize how vulnerable at home work networks are and the potential risks a company can face due to having employees work from home. As I learn more about this subject, I have a better understanding of how universities, such as Temple University, would face certain risks by allowing students and employees work from home full-time. I can only imagine the many important procedures that were put in place by the faculty of the university to prevent these risks from occurring.

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