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Big Data: taking away the language barrier

In V6, businesses are having difficulty navigating big data with the high velocity and abundance of the influx of data and its variation. Organizations are having trouble making decisions from their inability to find their specific data in the large databases. Oracle has created a new extension for its Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) by using big data tools with traditional data analysis software to make it simpler to find material in the data warehouses, using language more administrators will understand. Big data has been geared toward programmers with language and tools, but with this extension, database administrators and data warehouse managers will be able to use big data as another data source.

1. Will this new extension by Oracle make big data easier to manipulate to find the right data depending on the organization?

2. Do you think with this bridge between big data and traditional data software, that employees and not just database administrators will be able to use big data more easily?

3. If this ODI is successful, do you think that businesses will be likely to invest in it?


2 Responses to Big Data: taking away the language barrier

  • I think this new extension will definitely make big data easier to manipulate / locate depending on various needs for any organization. I could absolutely see it being successful across the board as it will provide even more access at a quicker rate to customer information that could in turn result in greater understanding of the customers wants and needs, higher sales, and more satisfied customers.

  • I think it is becoming increasingly important for companies to bridge the gap and make data available and usable to the management – as we saw in Chapter 1, IT is always evolving and this evolution of analytics should enable the end users to be more powerful and make better decisions. Great article on what is coming!

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