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The Importance of Cultivating Customer Relationships


Chapter 8 in the Valacich textbook gives us information about customer relationship management (CRM) and how it is important for businesses to attract new customers and keep existing customers happy. This article talks about the importance of cultivating customer relationships for a business. In this article, six different entrepreneurs give their intake on what they think are the best practices when building customer relationships. One of the key points that were mentioned in this article is that if you keep your current customers happy, they will more than likely refer your business to others. Another thing that was talked about was that a business should follow through with the expectations that they set for customers and to always ask “what can I do for this person?” Responding to customers promptly is also very important in building customer relationships because it shows the customers that you truly car about them and what they have to say. This was a good article that showed how important building customer relationships can be for businesses.



  1. Have you ever encountered a situation where you, as a customer, left a certain company because of poor customer relationship to a rival company? If so, what happened?
  1. What do you think is the most important key to a successful business-customer relationship?
  1. Have you ever been so satisfied with a business’s customer service that you have referred that business to friends or family? If so, what company was it?

9 Responses to The Importance of Cultivating Customer Relationships

  • Customer service is very near to my heart, having been in it for over twenty years. We were always taught that when you’re unhappy with a company, you tell EVERYONE about your bad experience- and I’ve been on both sides of that. It takes a LOT these days for a business to “win” over a customer and make them a customer for “life”. It translates into a lot of $ over the long haul, and businesses, no matter how big they get, need to always keep that in mind.

  • I think you forgot to post the link:

    Also, think about what a good information system should track to enable companies to keep up with their customers – what kinds of things do you think you’d like to see?

    • I completely agree with the part about responding to customers promptly being very important in building great customer relationships. As an entreprenuar myself, I recently was praised by a customer in Denmark on my extremlely fast response regarding customs fees. The customer was so pleased that he promised to create a video of him using our product, which will be great for word-of-mouth marketing.

  • I think the most important key to a successful business-customer relationship is respond promptly. I don’t know how many times I have been disappointed in a company because they did not respond to me quickly and would take weeks to answer me. I think at times it is forgotten that answering quickly, I’d say in at least a couple of days, could make the difference between success and failure. You want your customers to know you care and that you have listened and done anything in your power to fix or answer whatever it is that they have brought forth to you. I think if companies kept that in mind they would have better retention. A lot of times the reason customers come back is because they are answered promptly and I think that to me shows just how important it is to maintaining a relationship.

  • I have never had an experience where I left a company because of bad customer service, however, I remember having a conversation with the owner of a restaurant about why many places offer Pepsi instead of Coke and he said a lot of it has to do with the fact that Pepsi has better overall customer service than Coke. This really shows how much customer service weighs on a company and its rivals. I think businesses should strive to keep prompt response time as a factor of utmost importance when trying to keep customers happy. In times when technology is at the peek of innovation, there is no reason a business should have slow response time to customer inquiries or comments/concerns. Many company websites even have a live chat option where a customer can create a session to speak with company personnel and receive feedback in real time. This is a very effective way to let customers know that the company cares about what they have to say and can lead to many returning customers.

  • I agree with Alana, a prompt response is the key to a successful business-customer relationship. I always appreciate when I have a problem and immediately after I email for a response they respond almost immediately or very few hours later. I’ve stayed with the phone company AT&T for years just because they have had great customer service. I will be there first to refer them to the company. They are always very helpful and never fail to call and check-up and make sure everything is okay.

  • I’ve recommended GrubHub to pretty much every person I know at this point and besides the convenience, I do it mostly for the customer service. If you order food and it is not delivered by the time the app estimated, you can call the help line and they will contact the restaurant to see where your order is. On top of that, they offer $5-$10 off your next purchase and they text it to you almost immediately after you hang up. Further, GrubHub is very active on social media and will respond to any customer tweets almost immediately, good or bad. This goes with what Alana was saying about a prompt response being one of the most important components of customer relations.

  • I have never personally been in a situation where I left a company because of their customer service, but I have had many experiences with good customer service that make me want to continue business. Overall, I think the most important aspect of good customer service is promptness and helpfulness. When a company is prompt in responding to an inquiry or a negative comment, such as on Amazon, it show the consumer that you are the priority. In addition, when that company tries to remedy a situation with offers or replacement of a product that also gives the impression that you are a priority customer.

  • I think the most important thing a company can do in order to cultivate lasting, positive customer relationships is to do the best they can at making each and every customer feel as if they are valued. An example would be Keurig – my family had one for a few years and one day it started malfunctioning. Rather than dealing with customer service, my sister recorded a video of the error and posted it to twitter. A representative responded almost immediately to the tweet and within the week, a brand new Keurig was on its way to us free of charge. I think that quick response time paired with excellent customer service is the one major thing that a company can do today to make it stand out from its competitors.

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