Information Systems in Organizations

Jaymin Patel

Social Goals to improve Communication and Collaboration

Communication and Collaboration plays huge roll in the success of an organization. The employees have have to be collaborated on things that are going on in the company or things they are working on together. Because if they are not collaborated on things and working on a same project and they don’t have proper communication with each other, it can make the project stuck because everyone had to wait for the one person to finish their work on time because they were on a vacation for past two weeks and no one knew about it.  So staying connected to each other is very important. you don’t want your employees to be frustrated with each other because it can hurt the overall performance of the company. To  change that as a manager you have to provide the tools to help out your employees to communicate their goals to each other through social goals. Managers should set up stand up meetings, go on happy hour and dinner, etc.


1. Does ethnicity play a role in communication and collaboration within the team?

2. Is the age a factor in social goals between colleagues ? why or why not?

3. Is social goals a best way to have everyone collaborated? What are some other ways the managers can use?