Prestige Worldwide Project Proposal

Hello Professor Hohne,

Here is the Project Proposal for Prestige Worldwide. Please let us know if you need anything else.

Thank you!

Project Information

  • Name of the Organization: Prestige Worldwide
  • Project Title: Bill Scheduler
  • Project Overview: Our project is to create an app that will link to a user’s credit/debit card or bank account and allow them to schedule when their bills are paid. Users can also split the bill with additional users such as roommates.
  • Project Timeframe: January 20th 2015 – May 4th 2015
  • Prepared by: Jacklin Altman, Dominic Lyate, Brittany Cougle, Arren Soroko, Amanda Rossetti
  • Project Contacts:
    Jacklin Altman: tud07405@temple.edu , 267-240-4916
    Dominic Lyate: tud09457@temple.edu, 717-799-1607
    Brittany Cougle: tud08034@temple.edu , 267-221-2976
    Arren Soroko: tue85820@temple.edu, 484-332-6226
    Amanda Rossetti: tud07273@temple.edu




Project Summary

Our project aims to solve a major problem that many college students and long-term roommates face on a weekly or monthly basis–why does paying the utility, cable and other service bills always have to be the responsibility of one person? Our project solves this issue by allowing users to load bills from any service provider into an easy-to-use interface, send split requests to roommates, friends or colleagues, and pay the bill together, on-time, every time. The app is also great for anyone looking to keep track of and schedule bills–so nothing goes unpaid. Simply link the utility account (cable, electric, gas, etc.) to the app and receive automatic updates and reminders of when bills are approaching and when they’re due. You can even choose to pay them automatically and receive a receipt notification directly on your smartphone.

Project Objectives

  • Application should integrate with phone calendar to allow user to schedule bill payments and be notified of upcoming payments due
  • Application should be able to scan receipts, glean relevant information, and integrate information into the bill-splitter
  • Application should be able to notify other users of split bills, how much is owed, when it is due
  • Application should interface directly with major billing companies (PECO, Comcast, etc.)
  • Users should be able to make payments directly through the app, and companies can charge late fees/overages through the app

Project Deliverables

  • Project Proposal
    • Contains summary of the project
    • Contact information for all involved
    • A background of the problem that our application is going to solve
    • Objectives for proposed app
    • List of deliverables
  • Weekly Progress Reports
    • States the work performed to date
    • States what still is in the works
  • List of Stakeholders
    • List of people who are directly affected by the project
  • Budget
    • States how much money will be allocated for the project
  • Work Breakdown Structure
    • An incremental decomposition of the project into phases, deliverables and work packages
  • Risk Management Plan
    • Foresees risks, estimate impacts, and define responses to issues
  • Communications Plan
    • Describes communication channels between stakeholders involved in project

One Response to Prestige Worldwide Project Proposal

  • Unfortunately, I’ve seen this one before. You may also want to check the Play Store for similar apps.

    If you go this route, you need to figure out what will differentiate your application from similar applications. Why would I pick your application?

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