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In class this week, we talked a lot about the internal structures of organizations, but what about the geographic location of it’s headquarters? We know that some sort of distribution is necessary to create redundancy (safety) for company data, but where companies locate it’s central “hub” is completely up to them.


In this article, it discusses the prospect of Las Vegas becoming the new Silicon Valley. The article states that there is 6 major factors that will either make or break Vegas’ future:

1) Education

2) Connectivity

3) Financial

4) Transportation

5) Culture

6) Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project

With a lost cost of living, cheap travel, a plethora of tech start-ups and a world-renowned reputation (whether good or bad), do you guys think that Las Vegas has the potential to become the next big technological hub?


3 Responses to The Next Big Technological Hub

  • Silicon Valley is the next Silicon Valley. There is simply no alternative.
    Las Vegas is not a city that white collar workers will want to live in. We talked about Iowa in class and how no one would want to go there for work, it’s almost the same thing with Las Vegas. If you have the talent, you will be going to Silicon Valley. If you don’t have the talent, you might consider Las Vegas, or the plethora of other cities claiming to be the next Silicon Valley.
    What Tony Hsieh is doing is admirable and it’s been mildly successful, but no city in the United States will be the next Silicon Valley, unless it somehow falls off the face of the earth.

  • Years ago if you wanted to start a tech company Silicon Valley was your only option because that is where all the tech people were. Today, many cities around the US and around the world have thriving start up communities, many of which as moving up trying to take Silicon Valley’s place at the top. I am not, however, convinced that Las Vegas is the city that will do it. In my mind when I think of Las Vegas I think of somewhere you go to visit, not somewhere you live. It does not have many of the attractions other cities have and has a relatively bad reputation. Even if you wished to live in the suburbs and commute, as many people around other cities do, then you are living in Navada, which makes me thing of the desert and nothing else. If any city was going to overtake Silicon Valley I would look towards Seattle, which already has many successful tech companies with headquarters there. With a cost of living only slightly more expensive than Las Vegas but a much more positive reputation I would be much more likely to move there. Silicon Valley is an incredibly expensive place so I can see another area taking over as the hub of the tech world, I just don’t think Las Vegas is that place.

  • Personaly, I don’t think Las Vegas has the potential to become the next technological hub because when I think of Vegas I think of a vacation spot that people go to for a few days. There is not much to do in Las Vegas other the entertainment and I don’t think professionals would want to live there. It may be cheaper but I don’t think it would have a positive turn out. I agree with Amanda’s comment; I can see where another area can take over as the tech world but not Las Vegas.

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