Why Information Security Is Everybody’s Business Now


Information security is very important especially in an organization. I found this article very interesting because it discussed how many CIO’s are worried a major cyber attack may happen. According to Masserini,”Every day CISOs wake up and worry, ‘is today going to be THE Day?” It’s not about when they are going to get attacked but more of ‘when’ they are going to see something dramatic happen to their organization. The article also stated that security never ends, it’s an ongoing cycle.

How do you feel about Information security? Do you think its something thats going to get better or worse in the future?



One Response to Why Information Security Is Everybody’s Business Now

  • Information security is the most crucial objective within IT. Without it there will be no future for much of the world as we know it today. I would only hope as time goes on information will become more secure, but I am sure it will be a bumpy ride.

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