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After hearing the disruptive innovation case on mobile health monitoring, I found this article about a company I interned for called CareCam Health Systems. CareCam is a company out of Conshohocken, PA that has developed a mobile healthcare application that is intended to improve the care and health of people with chronic health conditions. This application allows physicians to create care plans for patients to follow during their day. It also utilizes video and still images so that physicians can verify that patients are following their care plans. This application also sends out alerts to care managers and physicians if patients don’t complete certain care plan activities at their designated times or if their health is trending the wrong direction. Hal Rosenbluth, Chairman and CEO of CareCam Health Systems, believes that if this application is properly utilized, people with chronic diseases would have better overall health, which would reduce doctor visits, which would in turn save people money. Recently CareCam received a $2.4 million investment from IBC and this application is set to go live in April of this year.

Do you see this application as a disruptive innovation in the health care industry? If so what parts of the industry do you see it disrupting? If you don’t see it as a disruptive innovation, where do you it fitting into the industry? What other areas in health could this application be utilized for in the future? For example, CareCam could also further develop the application to be used to monitor clinical trials of pharmaceuticals.

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  • CareCam could be very useful when it comes to monitoring clinical trials. Depending on the apps features and the clinical trial, it could collect accurate daily data of how the patient feels and if they are experiencing any slight side affects. I’m not sure I understand how taking a video or a picture will help the doctor monitor the patient’s health; a video fabrication might be hard to do but I think picture fabrication is possible and might not be the greatest way to monitor health. This app could be very useful when it comes to monitoring blood sugar levels for diabetics and reporting it back to their doctor right away. It might be a nice way to relieve some pressure off the doctor and remind patients to come in for certain diagnostic tests. Going off of the reminder idea, it could alert the patient/doctor that the plan might need to be changed. For example, I’ve had to analyze charts to see if doctors were paying attention to a patient’s BMI and recommending a follow up plan to address it, but most doctors did not have a follow-up plan. This app could serve as a reminder to the doctor.

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