Performance Reviews: Self-Evaluation?

In this Forbes article, the author lists the 10 biggest mistakes bosses make in performance reviews. Instead of re-listing all of them here, I’ll allow everyone to read the article for themselves. Upon review of the article, and judging by other posts on this blog about performance reviews, I think we can all agree that there is a lot of frustration out there in the corporate world and flaws being made in regards to performance reviews. There are a lot of opinions on what constitutes a good or bad review, or a good assessment system, but all of this controversy got me thinking: why don’t employees just evaluate themselves?

Instead of having a boss review your performance over the last quarter/year/whenever and trusting they are aware of all you have contributed, what do you guys think about employees assessing themselves and pointing out how they have benefited the company in the context of their specific role and what is expected of them, but also pointing out areas for improvement? Obviously an employee is not going to want to give themselves a bad review, so maybe there could be a hybrid system where an employee strictly points out a list of contributions that a supervisor/boss may have forgotten about or overlooked, and leave the negatives to the supervisor.

This is just a thought, but one I have not heard of or come across in our discussion of this topic in our class. Do you guys think this could be a viable alternative? Have any of you heard of this before in the real world? If so, has it worked? Is it successful? Would this work in our class, or would that be a bad idea?

3 Responses to Performance Reviews: Self-Evaluation?

  • Great article. Has some interesting perspective on performance reviews and I do indeed think it is a viable alternative.

  • I agree with you in that I think employees should also evaluate themselves. My only concern with this system is that the employee will evaluate themselves and then the manager will simply submit the employees evaluation as their own, meaning the employee doesn’t receive any feedback. My manager told me about her performance review experience and she said that both she and her manager fill out a performance review for her. However her manager cannot view her employee’s responses until she has submitted her own review. They are then able to compare and see if they are on the same page. I think this method could be very effective because it forces both parties to do an evaluation and it generates more talking points for the review.

  • I have never heard of an employee evaluating themselves in the real world but I do think it can be a good idea for our class. I think we should have peer evaluations and then evaluations where we evaluate ourselves. I think this method would work because the professor would see students contributions from two different view points. Of course, if you evaluate yourself it would not be all positive.

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