7 Tips For Nailing Your Pitch

With our presentations coming up, I thought I would post an article that discussed tips that may help your team improve there pitch.  Your idea is only as good as your pitch.  Even with a great idea, if you can’t clearly explain it or paint a picture for your audience, your idea is worthless.  Here are some tips to look over before finalizing your pitch.

Nail your pitch!

1. Start with an overview of what your company does – Explain the problem you are solving and describe how you will be doing this.  You want to very clear when describing your application.

2. Keep it simple – You do not want to confuse your audience.  You want the audience to be able to follow your entire presentation without many questions.

3. Involve your whole team in the presentation – It helps to have the whole team up there and presenting some sort of information.  It helps show that your team is well rounded and on the same pa

4. Be ready to answer questions – We were lucky enough to do a trial run in front of class.  We got to see what questions people may have following our presentations.  Based off those questions, focus on what other questions people may have and how to answer the questions that were already asked.

5. End with a summary – Recap with the main points you want the audience to leave remembering.

6. Don’t be discouraged by negative feedback – Just because the pitch or presentation does not go according to planned does not mean that you have a bad idea.

7. If you don’t understand the feedback, ask for clarification – You will gain valuable information and see where your team can improve.

Do you guys find these tips helpful?

What other tips do you have for the class to prepare for their pitch?



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