Busy Boss

How To Succeed When Your Boss Doesn’t Have Time For You


This article suggests two pieces of advice for inattentive supervisors:

1) Take Charge- Set up a weekly or biweekly meeting with your boss in advance.

2) Find Feedback Elsewhere- Seek advice from experienced coworkers.

Personally, I think this article is terrible. If your only attempt for reaching out to a supervisor (before giving up and asking someone else) is setting up a meeting, then you’re probably going to end up disappointed. The whole reason you can’t meet with your boss is because (s)he doesn’t have enough time- so why would set up a meeting to take up more of his/her time?

A boss without any spare time is a perfect scenario to employ the skills we learned by doing elevator pitches. Utilize the time that they spend riding in elevators, taking the bus, walking to work etc.. That way, you’re not taking up more of their time, you’re just filling in the free space in which they really can’t do anything except stand/walk.

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