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Government IT: 5 Ways to Measure Value


This week we’ve had interesting discussions on gauging the value of IT. While I was researching ways to measure the value IT brings to the table, I stumbled upon this article. According to InformationWeek.com, there are 5 ways to measure the value of IT.

  1. Create metrics where IT influences mission outcomes. Work with key stakeholders whose processes are impacted from the IT investment.
  1. Develop metrics that measure IT project outcomes on multiple dimensions. Link the metrics with the organization’s strategic objectives.
  1. Collect good baseline data on measures. Make sure the data that is collected is valid and reliable. The data should include normal operating conditions as well as operations under stress.
  1. Use dashboard communications. By communicating metrics to stakeholders through the use of dashboards, it lessens the likelihood that the reports will be overlooked. Traditional email reports are often times ignored.
  1. Share your experiences building metrics and evaluation programs with other CIOs. It gives you the chance to learn what works well and what doesn’t.

Do you agree or disagree with the 5 ways to measure IT? What are some other ways IT can be measured?

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