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  • I am not so sure that this app will be successful on facebook’s part. I think it might be a bit too complicated in comparison to snapchat and vine, and that people will want to stick to what they already have and are used to. However, if Facebook were to buy out these companies and then add in this feature as a bonus to what the people already…[Read more]

  • I worked a lot with sharepoint at my internship,and I found it so useful for people who were knowledgeable of the app, and very complicated and pointless for people who didn’t know how to use it. In my opinion, there are far too many capabilities on sharepoint, and if Microsoft reduced some of the functionalities on it and made the more useful…[Read more]

  • I really really enjoyed reading this article, considering it is my dream to one day be able to run my own company. I have a couple of ideas in mind, but I still need to determine whether or not it would be worth the investment. I think that finding my niche is most definitely the most import tip from Forbes, considering I would be devouring so…[Read more]

  • 3D printing to me is a concept that is truly remarkable and will be a very very big market in the future. However, the key word here is future. Right now, like most newer technologies, it is very expensive and not attainable by most consumers. I like to think of it similarly to how the iPhone came about. It started out very expensive, but as time…[Read more]

  • Weapons in society is always a touchy subject, and to know the technology advancements that are making these weapons even better is a little bit of a scary thought. I am in support of the government using these weapons in Warcraft, but when they get in the hands of civilians it gets very tricky and can pose far too many problems.
    *also I…[Read more]

  • As a good amount of our class will be entering the working world very soon, there is a really good chance that at some point we will be making presentations to our colleagues. These tips are very useful in that sometimes I feel as if I have been to,d hundreds of different ways to present, and this really sums it up well for me. Another technique I…[Read more]

  • This is a really fascinating article, considering the technological advancements that have already come before us and have enhanced the working world so tremendously. A technology that I think has a lot of potential to be disruptive would have to be the smart watch coming through by storm. Apple just released their first version of it, and it will…[Read more]

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    As a majority of us are graduating this semester and moving into the workplace, I found this article to be very interesting and helpful in that we absolutely do not want to be one of those people who others […]

    • I completely agree with these types of people ruining a work day. I have encountered all three of these types of co-workers and each one is equally painful to work beside. One type of co-worker that is not listed above is the “One-Upper”, the person who is always trying to prove to you that their work is better or the school they attended was better than yours. Sometimes being an unhealthy overachiever makes other seem inadequate.

    • These are definitely the types of people to avoid in the office. I’m sure we all have stories of each example provided. With these types of people you definitely need to monitor your relationships with them. I think of the 3 I try to avoid the constant complainers the most. I just feel that complaining is so unproductive and it can be annoying to listen to people excessively complain.

    • I agree with Angela when she says that these people are miserable to work with. However, this can give graduating college students a one up because a positive attitude can be a huge selling point in any job interviews or internships that will lead to potential entry level positions. People notice negative attitudes. I know from personal experience, in a few interviews i had when I asked the interviewer what kind of traits they are looking for in their employees and in almost all of them, they said a positive attitude and being personable.

    • I agree with this post. You don’t want to work with negative people because it will just effect your work and environment. I agree with Arren because I also had a few interviews and a lot of employers look for people who have a positive attitude and enjoy going to work.

    • I agree with the comments above. You don’t want to work with those types of people because they can affect your attitude at work. But at the same time, people need to work hard not to become these type of people because it can negatively impact your relationships at work. I also agree with Arren’s comment, but nowadays a lot of people are getting interviews because of the people they know. People now need to worry that the people they know don’t fall into any of these categories. Otherwise, this might influence the recruiters’ decision.

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    Banking customers have become much more digital savvy in the recent years, and technology has brought in new competition from non-banks to quickly fit the needs of these people. The banking industry is more […]

  • ThumbnailIt was recently announced that IBM is joining with Apple Inc., Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic Plc are joining together to create a technology that will make it easier for health-care companies to analyze patient […]

  • Amazon Web Services is now really starting to utilize it’s EC2 cloud, offering additional services to customers while the company is taking more steps to bring those services closer to the enterprise IT department. What causes the disruption here is that now in some cases, the services offered duplicate or even start to replace some of the older IT functions. Amazon has been steadily expanding what can be done with its cloud computing platform, claiming to have added 516 new features in 2014. One of the most interesting that I have read about was one introduced at its Amazon Summit in San Francisco and is a service not likely to be found in existing IT departments: machine learning.

    There are many of cloud providers out there, but some give you a lot more to work with on top of the infrastructure than others, and that is what machine learning differentiates by. Gartner’s lead cloud analyst Lydia Leong said it another way: “IT organizations cannot treat infrastructure-as-a-service providers like commodities. In the process of explaining how Amazon is different, it was announced that Amazon’s latest figures for growth in 2014 stand at: Data transfers in its storage services are up 102% in 2014 over the prior year; EC2 compute activity is up 93%.

    In short according to Amazon: Amazon Machine Learning is a managed service that analyzes a user’s historical data to look for patterns and deploy predictive models. It can examine customer data and find patterns of likely customer turnover or churn. It can find typical issues in customer support. It can isolate and detect the patterns of problem transactions. Machine Learning is used to make 50 billion predictions a week on Now it is making the Machine Learning API and developer’s guide in the form of wizards available as another Amazon service. It will truly be interesting to see how businesses will take machine learning and make it their own in the future. It has clearly given Amazon a positive leverage to insight in their customers, so watching how other businesses will utilize the infrastructure will be ver thrilling.

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    This article discusses how the Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud and Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud, has proved that software as a service (SaaS) offers significant advantages in terms of implementation, reliability, scalability, and security. Traditionally corporations that implement this system are much  more successful and are able to expand and grow quicker. According to Oracle’s Q2 FY2015 earnings statement post implementation: New cloud bookings increased more than 140% in Q2 FY2015, with ERP and EPM revenue growing more than 80%, Oracle added 250 new ERP and EPM Cloud customers in the quarter, and Oracle now has more than 600 ERP and EPM Cloud customers.

    Successful companies are realizing that Oracle is necessary and important for the future. Innovative, fast-growing companies, in particular, are tapping Oracle ERP and EPM Cloud to support rapid expansion. Last November,, a growing online education company specializing in creative business skills, acquired Oracle ERP Cloud.  According to CFO Elaine Kitagawa on looking to replace its aging on-premises financial system, conducted a “very thorough vetting process” of ERP cloud vendors and their offerings. She continues with how it offered a “strong, cohesive, and complete set of features” that impressed the financial team, as well as scalability and security the IT team took note of, Kitagawa says. At the same time, the Oracle team “really showed their commitment to’s success,” she says. To see how a strong and flourishing company who relies solely on the web to generate revenue and customers, this review from their CFO is very satisfying. It will be interesting to see if and when more companies in other industries make the move.

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  • After reading the case study on Cirque Du Soleil, I wanted to learn a bit more about the business and specific systems that the corporation utilizes. What fascinated me the most had to be the aspect of how the business is essentially on wheels, and how they foster a successful company when on tour with some of the main systems being miles and miles away. Innovation and creativity play a huge factor in today’s thriving businesses, and it may seem as if for a business on wheels to be a difficult task, but this article proves the opposite. Being different as an organization does not hold Cirque back, but inspires them to continue to be different. As Olivier Gariepy, Senior Business Analyst at Cirque du Soleil said:

    “Because creativity is the driving force of our company, we in IT need to be creative ourselves. We can’t turn down a creative idea because it doesn’t fit with our existing technology.”

    The integration of SAP for Cirque was a task that most definitely was not simple and easy to implement, but is truly paying off now, saving outrageous amounts of money and allowing the business to be multitudes more efficient. “The implementation of SAP solutions has helped Cirque du Soleil optimize and review some of its business processes while collecting some valuable business data. And the next step is leveraging that data further.” It will truly be interesting to see what else the show will offer as times change and people’s interests evolve with culture and innovation.

    If you would like to read more about the topic I found this article very interesting:

    • I think what I found most interesting about this case is that the CEO and other higher-ups in the corporation (like Oliver Gariepy) were able to see the advantages of implementing IT systems and delivered that message very clearly to their employees. The thought of implementing an SAP system into a moving circus sounds almost sounds ridiculous when you hear it for the first time.
      But I think what’s even more important than the data that they are now able to leverage is that their data is so much safer. At my internship, my boss always reminds me when I’m telling her about something that I learned about our software that I need to document that information in storage. Otherwise when I’m done with my internship and my boss forgets what I said, that information won’t be lost. And I can only imagine the surplus of information at Cirque Du Soleil that must have been either verbally exchanged, or written down on paper that has the potential to be lost (especially since they are always on the road) before this technological revamp.

    • My initial reaction to Cirque’s extensive use of IT in their touring show life cycle was similar; I had never considered all the processes that go into running a globally renowned tour. Of course, such a large scale production demands the ability to easily collaborate and access to an enormous amount of information at a moment’s notice. However, one thing I noticed from reading the case study is that their financials did not play a role in the Cirque Memory system (I found this appropriate given that the system was mostly logistics-oriented). Nonetheless, Cirque needed ERP components that could handle the financial complexities of running the business. SAP seems like a savvy choice for Cirque. Because employees are constantly moving and performing entirely different shows, Cirque needs a system like SAP that’s as flexible as its business model and employees.

  • Wrapping our project up this week has definitely not been the most simple task. On Tuesday, the PM’s met as a group to go over our final deliverables and make sure that all documents have been accounted for. We […]

  • Now the our BA’s know exactly what is their differentiator with their prototype, they can officially develop it and mold it into what will be the best use of an ecommerce strategy. This week at our meeting they seemed really excited about what they have so far, as they should be, considering it looked really really great. There are a couple of more tweaks that need to be made to make the site outstanding, but what they have so far at this time in the process is great. To go along with that, the final drafts of their scope document along with the business rules and project deliverables are coming along great. Very excited to see what next week has in store.

  • This week in the world of project management I would say it was very successful on the BA and PM end. Everyone was able to meet and discuss more innovation at our meeting, talking about ways that we can […]

  • This past week in the world of project management I was able to catch up with one of the BA’s in a quick meeting on Wednesday, where we went over the status of their project. It seemed like they had a good handle […]

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