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    James: great article, and I read up on some of what this touches on last week in article I posted that talked about how most credit unions have smaller IT units, and therefore cyber security is that much more challenging. Did you used to work at a credit union? I am curious as to how the dynamic looks for a company that desperately needs (whether…[Read more]

  • I came across this article and felt that it was a very unique, comprehensive “handbook” on how to secure an organization, based on the lessons learned from the never-ending Yahoo breach, and Target’s. It showe […]

  • This article dives into social engineering and what we discussed in last week’s lecture. It shows how most companies underestimate how effective social engineering can still be, despite excessive training. M […]

  • I thought this was a good article coming off of the discussion we had last week in terms of just how much of your personal data is out there (amongst others) that is being used by companies. Vice president and […]

    • Good Post, David. Regarding this statement “The challenge with big data is not the data. There is plenty of data. The challenge with big data is developing a set of meaningful use cases that address key business challenges.” I believe that one of the biggest challenges with big data is the quality of that data. Dirty data costs companies in the United States $600 billion every year. Common causes of dirty data that must be addressed include user input errors, duplicate data, and incorrect data linking. In addition to being meticulous at maintaining and cleaning data, using IT techniques and big data algorithms can be used to help clean data.

  • I chose this article because it is a great example of how a lack of controls can get overlooked when an organization thinks “nothing is wrong.” Here is a guy who is the associate athletic director at the Uni […]

    • It seems like these days, especially universities, have no controls whatsoever within their Athletic Departments. Whether it is spending, or making sure the athletes are still students, attend their own classes, (it has been reported that universities look the other way to students taking classes for athletes) there is a lack of controls across the board. I believe, and I know this is not related to the class as well, but controls can be augmented not just for data and businesses, but also disciplinary and operational purposes for people.

  • Many small businesses who do not have access to the vast resources that larger businesses do will face similar challenges to the one that “Phoon Huat,” faced (and is still facing), as the baking supply company out […]

  • Blake: this article is right in line with one I posted last week, and I couldn’t agree more. Sean makes a great point, and I originally agreed, but after I thought about it further, I started wondering: these “data companies,” wouldn’t they be the equivalent to buried treasure vs a bank robbery for criminals? What I mean is, imagine that one of…[Read more]

  • I know that this goes back to Week 2, but with all the talk about how organizations (and people) have almost become numb to the idea of being breached, I thought this article was a good indicator of why that is, […]

  • Adam: I enjoyed the article and I think it does a great job of showing the other side of the coin to what we were discussing the prior week. Data does empower consumers, as long as they know how to read it. I thought the article revealed how much good can come from data, and how effective and efficient it can make a company. However, I am inclined…[Read more]

  • I found this article while searching for something on NIST, and I felt that it was rather refreshing in terms of the message it was trying to convey. With all the buzzwords and breach horror stories, it’s easy f […]

  • I came across this article and was actually rather shocked after reading it despite what we have been discussing over the past three weeks. This venture capital company called “Blumberg Capital” conducted a sur […]

    • Great post David!

      In fact there is a lack of awareness. People don’t know how crucial it is to protect their information and/or the information of a company. Also, most of them think it will never happen to them. Frankly, I think that we did not yet understand the downsides of technology.

    • Great post!

      I also read an article that contradicts yours a little. The article I read conducted a survey and found out that a large percentage of companies are fully aware of cyber threats and its consequences but more than half of them are not prepared or invested enough is cyber security.

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    Priya: great article, and it’s right on pace with the readings from this week. Fraud prevention / detection is a team effort, and even though that technically falls on Management, it is only as effective as the culture that management, upper management and Internal Audits creates.

    We talked about this other week and in class, and I think it g…[Read more]

  • I chose this article because I thought it was an interesting takeaway from the Anthem breach of 2015. The first point really caught my attention because one would think communication is key in a breach. Anthem […]

    • Thanks for shaving your takeaway from anthem breach. This article reminds me that 2 years ago, my friend got a fake email from PayPal saying that “sign up for this and you will get 5$ credit in your PayPal account. He did that and he told me to do so but I refused. He ended up didn’t get the five dollars and he contacted PayPal customer service. Paypal said it never had a promotion like this. I think that his account information has been stolen but so far nothing happened to him yet.

      When we receive some article/promotion in email, we need to make sure the email address is the correct and verified address. Most of the times, it contained a link that directs us to a virus-infected website. Fake email sent from a fake email is easy to identified just by paying more attention to the email address.

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    Darin: the article does a perfect job of illustrating how good cybersecurity is constantly in quality control – meaning it needs to be updated and reevaluated as often and consistently as the attacks / issues it defends against, if not, more. I especially liked the part about the more technological controls put in place, the more employees will s…[Read more]

  • David Eves posted a new activity comment 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Sarush: I liked this article because – as you stated – it ties right in to our IT Governance portion of the lecture. A company’s internal controls, regardless of spending, are only as strong as the “tone from the top.” This direction from senior management (whether a steering committee, BoD or an Audit committee) really dictates how much fraud wil…[Read more]

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    Mustafa: I think this is the culture that we live in right now. Just like many organizations assume they will have their security compromised at some point, many people have that same belief when it comes to their own data. It is funny to think that many organizations have strict password requirements that are updated often, and many employees…[Read more]

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    Sean: I couldn’t agree more – when I was reading it, it felt as though the “promise” of big data was like the promise of the 1080P HDTV several years ago. The technology was there, and you could “buy an HDTV” but the signal coming to that TV would only be 720P. So you were buying an idea for the future. I don’t think it’s a question of big…[Read more]

  • I chose the following article because I thought it would be a good conversation piece given what we discussed in our lecture this past Saturday. Basically, the article is claiming that “big data” isn’t all it wa […]

  • James: great example and I am sorry to hear about your friend; that is an unfortunate series of events. Your friend, however, is a great example of what a “motivated” employee can do when the opportunity presents itself and the rationalization is there. I am sure that once he noticed he could get away with taking the money, it started as just bor…[Read more]

  • My name is David Eves and I am currently an auditor for Temple University. This is my final semester in the program (excluding the capstone) and I have thoroughly enjoyed it thus far. I live in Philadelphia, but […]

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