The Five Marketing Must-Haves of an Online Startup

In our first meeting with our mentor, he expressed serious concerns regarding our marketing strategy. This was because we didn’t have one. Each of us may have had some sense of how we wanted to market the application, but there wasn’t a clear direction.

This Entrepreneur article provides five marketing tips for a startup.

1. Focus on customer experience

This means designing a simple application that is easy to use. No matter how good an application is, if people have difficulty using it, they won’t.

2. Cross promotions/exposure

Know your target demographic. Where do they usually hang out (online or offline)? Promote your products at these places.

3. Content strategies

“Establish your brand as a subject-matter expert.”

4. Build virality into your product/experience

How can you get people to share your startup naturally?

5. Media exposure

If you can’t get top-tier media exposure, getting blogs to write about you is a good start.

This is in no way a comprehensive list. Do you agree or disagree with these points? Are there tips that you would consider more valuable than the ones listed above?

One Response to The Five Marketing Must-Haves of an Online Startup

  • I think it’s a good list, though the 4th point is a bit odd. If you strive to be “viral,” you may lose sight of creating quality content because you’re focusing so much on being popular. I think that something else that isn’t really mentioned is outreach/back-links and general SEO things. In the online space especially, connecting with experts who can push your content or provide content for you is essential to being successful.

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