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Youtube has released the option to post 360 degree videos. On the browser you click and drag and can look around the person filming and on the phone you move you’re phone to see the whole area. There are some issues right now but they claim it will be fixed soon. For example you have to use a python script to make it actually work in your browser. I think this is a great sustaining innovation though, because they have been doing flat videos for over 10 years. There are not a lot of consumer cameras that can shoot in 360 degrees thought.

What do you think of this? Do you think people will use it with the python necessary? What about without it?

2 Responses to Youtube 360 Degree Videos

  • I really like the idea of Youtube releasing the option to post 360 degree videos because its different compared to the ordinary flat videos. I do think people will use it with the python script if they are truly interested in post 360 degree videos. Once one person posts a video everyone is going to start doing it.

  • I like the idea as well, because it does show sustaining innovation, and I think there are plenty of people who will find it interesting and use it. However, I think that having to use Python might be a turn off for people. Once they make it so that anyone can use the 360 feature any time, then I think it will catch on much faster.

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