10 Tips For Post Graduation

Graduation is near.  I wanted to post an article that had some post graduation tips for success.  We will encounter some major changes and need to stay focused.  Here are some tips:

1. Take advantage of your alumni network – Everyone has heard, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

2. Don’t get discouraged too quickly – For those who do not have full time offers yet, do not get discouraged.

3. Consider graduate school – If this is something you want in your future, it’s never too early.  Try and see if your company will pay your tuition.

4. Consider internships

5. Ask for challenging assignments

6. Recognize what you do and don’t want to do

7. Teach yourself new skills

8. Read for pleasure

9. Stop  obsessing

10. Enjoy this time of uncertainty

I feel that some of these are good tips to keep fresh in your mind.  Congratulations everyone ! Good luck with all of your endeavors.

10 Life Tips For Post Graduation

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