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Businesses are beginning to see the value in social media campaigns. Many companies are turning to microblogging sites such as Twitter in order to gain a larger customer following. Chapter 5 talks about how social media can help and potentially hurt businesses and their reputations. This article gives ten ways that a company can either be successful using Twitter, or can alienate potential customers if the wrong steps are taken. The author gives the following ten recommendations:

1) Position yourself as a thought leader (position yourself as an industry expert)

2) Create a clear and consistent brand

3) Remember the 80/20 rule (only 20% of a business’s content should be about promoting products or services)

4) Follow before engaging (follow a business prospect before trying to do business with them)

5) Add value to others (respond to questions, retweet, etc.)

6) Share your personality with discretion (mix professional and personal thoughts, but be mindful of what you say)

7) Understand what’s best to retweet ( tweets should be relevant to your brand)

8) Be careful what you “favorite” (do not favorite anything controversial or political)

9) Use direct messages sparingly

10) Take the conversation offline (make initial connections on Twitter, but grow those relationships offline)


Social media has the power to grow a business immensely, but can also ruin a business’s reputation because the internet never forgets. While social media and microblogging sites such as Twitter can increase brand awareness and sales, companies should have a plan in place in order to successfully use these valuable tools.



1) What do you think is the most important rule listed in the article for companies to follow? Why?

2) What are some examples of good social media and bad social media campaigns? Did the campaign change your thoughts or feelings about the company at all/would you stop buying items from a company if you did agree with their online presence?

3) Is a social media presence necessary for companies in today’s world or is TV, print, and other advertising enough?


12 Responses to To Tweet, Or Not To Tweet? That Is The Question

  • One of my favorite social media campaigns is definitely the #ShareACoke campaign because it was so effective. Coke designed cans and bottles with ‘Share a Coke with _______’ on the side, and the blank was filled with many common (sometimes uncommon) names. While the initial focus was likely on the product, the personalized nature of each bottle encouraged consumers to share photos on social media and it was a HIT! Whether you wanted to or not, you could not escape the pictures of Coke bottles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. While I’ve heard many people argue that it didn’t actually make them go out and buy more Coke, sales actually rose 2% from this campaign alone. Personally, I don’t even drink Coca-Cola, but I did find myself buying these specific bottles for friends of mine when I found their names. I would say this campaign was a definite success.

  • For question 3, I definitely think that a social media presence is necessary in today’s world since most people are so connected to the Web and to their mobile devices technology. Many people now a days are constantly on their social media and get much of their information and opinions on companies from these media outlets so by having a presence you are able to establish yourself with more ease in the mind of consumers and others around.

  • 1) I think of the rules listed, rule number 5, add value to others, is the most important. We definitely live in a world where information is readily available, sometimes to available to the point that there is so much information people, consumers especially, need to sift through. That being said, when an organization uses social media like Twitter to enhance their brand image, it is important that they provide value to customers. I know that when I make a comment or review on a product and the company replies to that comment or review, it gives me the impression that my business is important to the company. Commenting on reviews and comments, and quickly answering questions is a great way for a company to use social media in a way that’s personal to the consumer instead of seeming like mass marketing. If a company or organization follows rule number 5, they will not only solidify their social presence they will also create brand awareness and brand loyalty.
    3) I think even the smallest social presence is good for a company or organization as it allows customers to get insight into a company or organization, without having to drive to the store or sift through their website.

  • Social media is the new frontier that organizations are exploring because these platforms can help them reach a larger portion of their target market and create a closer bond with their customers. This article explains what marketers must be aware of when creating a marketing campaign on social media because 140 characters could potentially sink an entire brand. I think that there are two most important points that the author discussed about and those are to “Position yourself as a though leader” and “Remember the 80/20 rule”. These two I found to be the most important because by engaging on social media as though you are an industry expert will allow others to gain a sense of respect and trust with you. This will lead to more sales when you discuss about products that you make. This leads into the 80/20 rule because once you do gain the trust of potential customers on social media you do not want to scare them away with constant post about how great your products are compared to the rest of the market. Instead you should be engaging and open to discussion about topics in your industry while flavorfully posting about your products that will not annoy customers.

  • 1. The most important rule listed in the article for companies to follow is the 80/20 rule. I feel that this is the most important because if you use Twitter to attempt to sell your product or your business you’re more likely to irritate any followers which could result in them “unfollowing” you. So if you focus 20% of your tweets on promoting your business or product it would be more beneficial for you in the long run.

    2. A bad social media campaign would be back in 2012 when American Rifleman had a scheduled tweet that was released the morning of the shootings in Aurora, Colorado. The tweet stated, “Good morning shooters, Happy Friday! Weekend plans?” That same day Celeb Boutique’s PR people were not up to speed on the movie theater shootings and used Aurora trending as a market point for one of their dresses. People across the country were furious with both companies. I personally had no relation to either organization so the tweets didn’t have any effect on my relationship with them.

    3. I do believe that social media is necessary for companies in today’s world because of how intense it has become. Millions and millions of people are constantly on social media at all times of the day. Even while watching television I will be checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. To remain up-to-date in advertising and to remain competitive social media is an important factor for many companies.

  • Twitter has become a huge resource for organizations to find potential customers, but it could easily be the downfall as well. The 80/20 rule is one of the most important because firms do not want to overly promote their products. That would have the opposite effect with actually turning people away from their products; I have stopped following companies when all I see is their products. If companies put posts that relate to the industry or “how to” posts, more people would follow and look at the organization and its products.

  • If used right, Twitter can definitely be a successful resource for businesses. From a personal standpoint, I often find myself visiting company websites or even purchasing products because of posts I’ve viewed from companies on Twitter. Twitter is great way to keep consumers updated on different deals and new products. I think rules 6, 7 and 8 are three of the most important rules to follow listed above. These are the only three rules above that could really hurt your business if not followed. If a company, tweets, retweets, or even favorites the wrong tweet, it can go as far as even making national headlines depending on how offensive it is. I remember when KitchenAid tweeted a political comment a few years ago, which went viral and hurt the brand. Personally the only way stop buying products from a company is if they tweeted something completely disrespectful and did not apologize for it. All it takes is one person to tweet something to hurt an entire brand. I would not stop buying products from a company because one employee felt the way they did. At this point in time, I think it depends on the company and its target audience when trying to decipher whether social media is a necessary form of advertisement. For example, if a company is selling a product that only really targets senior citizens, a social media presence isn’t exactly needed. I feel like that class of people still count on television, newspapers, and other printed items as its main form of advertisement. On the contrary, I feel that if a companies target audience is directed toward a younger crowd, between about 15-25, than a social media presence is necessary in order to have an advantage on competition.

  • In response to #3, I believe social media presence is definitely necessary for companies in today’s world, as a large amount of the population aren’t even looking at print ads or TV. It is the way of the “immediate future” – meaning, who knows what will take its place 10-20 years from now! It is important for companies to get their message to the masses, and the masses live on social media!

  • In response to #1 I think one of the more important rules is “Be careful what you favorite”, but not just what you favorite but more what you’re getting involved in. As a business you need to not get into any controversial or political. The companies reputation is always important, and keeping the public aware that the companies reputation is good is an important job. In response to #3, I definitely think social media presence is a necessity for companies in todays world. Without social media fewer people are aware of what is going on in relation to the company. I think social media keeps people up to date on products and the companies performance. Social media also keeps costumers and the companies connected and communicating. With social media a company could be at risk of losing costumers and profits.

  • I think that rule #2 is the most important, because that is a main goal in any business, and one that successful businesses have and unsuccessful businesses do not have. When you get a Coca-Cola you know exactly what you are going to get. Having a clear and concise brand may be harder in different industries but I believe it is something that is very important, in becoming a successful business.
    An example of a bad social media campaign would be this sponsored ad for some website that I don’t even care about always says stuff about the Kardashians. I don’t know why it comes up on my page cause I don’t ever watch the show or read or care about them but every so often there it is, and Im always wondering why.
    I believe that in most businesses the social media is becoming an increasingly important part of business activities. Many of the business owners are of a different generation and are slow to adapting but they are realizing the power of social media and how it can change a business.

  • Great article, Alexandra! these facts are pretty telling: 72 percent of followers are more likely to buy something from a business they follow.
    86 percent of followers are more likely to visit a business if a friend recommends it.
    85 percent of followers feel more connected with businesses after following them.

    Looking forward to hear what you all are thinking!

  • A social media presence is necessary for companies in today’s world because today’s society thrives off of it. A lot of shopping is through online now-a-days and the way to advertise it is through social media. I know for me most of the sites that I buy things from I found through the little advertisements on the side from twitter and facebook. I am beginning to think that it is more effective then TV advertisement because when watching tv, as soon as the commercials come on people automatically go to their phone and check updates from twitter and facebook.

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