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I have seen a couple posts relating to cyber security so I thought this article was worth sharing. An article by U.S. news stated that this past week, President Obama signed an executive order that promotes the sharing of cyber security information between businesses in the private sector. This executive order hopes that information sharing between companies leads to analysis which could improve the abilities of companies to detect and protect against cyber threats. This would hopefully lead to improved protection of people’s personal information. There is also proposed legislation by Obama that would encourage companies to share data with the government to improve cyber security.

Although the idea of this is to improve cyber security, do you think customers of the companies involved in information sharing would have a problem/be worried about other companies having access to some of their information? What about sharing between companies and government? What do you recommend companies do to ease customer’s worries?

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  • I will be first to say I am in no way shape or form impressed ,or supportive in anything Obama is doing or has done. That being said, I do believe the companies are battling with Obama in regards to releasing information. It comes back to being a huge liability for the company, especially if other companies have access to view the information. That in my eyes is just a law suit waiting to happen. I really don’t believe there is much a company can do to ease a customer’s worries when the company will be sharing all of their information. Our information is not secure enough as it is let alone when it is being passed around between governments, and then other companies.

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