Facebook Introduces Riff


In an attempt to make videos “stickier” on social media, Facebook recently debuted its own video app called Riff. This Forbes article details the app and the logic behind it.

The way the app works is that users post 20 second videos, and then their friends can also post videos that can then be added on to the original video. When a user signs up for the app with their Facebook account, they can start making videos instantly, and their friends will receive notifications when their friends create videos. These videos will be connected by a common hashtag, thus creating a sort of video story that can be shared across various social media sites. The idea behind the app is that it makes the creative process more fun, by allowing users to collaborate with their friends.

A Facebook algorithm showed that at this time, videos take up approximately 30% of the average user’s newsfeed. This trend is what propelled the creation of Riff, which Facebook hopes will continue the trend.

What are your thoughts on the app? Do you think it can stand up to Vine and Snapchat stories, or do you think it’ll be soon forgotten? Would you use it?

3 Responses to Facebook Introduces Riff

  • This app sounds pretty fun and interesting although as a Facebook user, I have never heard of Riff. I do think the app is similar to Vine and Snapchat stories but it may not last long. Riff may be a fun app for a year or so but I think eventually people will stop using it. It also depends how frequently you go on Facebook. I rarely go on Facebook or social media so I would probably use the app once to test it out but that’s about it. I do see many people using the app as it is similar to Vine and that was a huge success.

  • I think this is another attempt at Facebook capitalizing on other successful apps. Facebook is slowly declining in popularity and trying to regain its market share through other ideas that have already been created. I don’t believe that it will be able to retain users, considering Snapchat and Vine’s popularity. I believe that facebook has shifted to an older segmentation and new add-ons such as these are not appealing to that market.

  • I am not so sure that this app will be successful on facebook’s part. I think it might be a bit too complicated in comparison to snapchat and vine, and that people will want to stick to what they already have and are used to. However, if Facebook were to buy out these companies and then add in this feature as a bonus to what the people already know, I could see it working out.

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