Why CIOs Can’t Sell Enterprise Collaboration Tools


Enterprise collaboration is a concept that almost everyone supports, but is rarely implemented correctly and fully accepted.  This is because businesses do not know what they are aiming to achieve, and end up failing the project.  In order to improve the success of these projects, CIOs need to not only support the functionality, but also be a champion for it.  This means using the software instead of telling others to.

Experts say that enterprises struggle with cross-functional communication from department to department or office to office.  Collaboration tools can assist with this but requires identifying specific needs to choose what software to use.  There is also a disconnect between the needs of employees and the C suite.  Older executives are struggling to embrace technologies that seem simple to younger employees, which create a hazy picture for implementing a new technology.  The biggest challenge, however, is the employees’ mindset about collaboration technology.  If the demand for employees is not there, they will just work around the technology and ruin the return on the project.

What experiences have you had with collaboration tools at Temple or at an internship? What was more successful?

2 Responses to Why CIOs Can’t Sell Enterprise Collaboration Tools

  • At my internship I work for the corporate marketing operations team, and we work with the regional marketing operations teams across the country. There has been a serious lack of communication lately and emails have been getting lost in the shuffle so my team is trying to implement an enterprise collaboration tool. I think our biggest hurdle will be getting the regional marketing teams to use the collaboration tool rather than continue to bombard us with emails because the collaboration tool will require more information and steps than they are used to. We will have to ensure that we properly convey the benefits of this tool for them so they are more willing to use it.

  • I worked a lot with sharepoint at my internship,and I found it so useful for people who were knowledgeable of the app, and very complicated and pointless for people who didn’t know how to use it. In my opinion, there are far too many capabilities on sharepoint, and if Microsoft reduced some of the functionalities on it and made the more useful ones better and simpler while eliminating some of the less used capabilities it would be much more efficient and beneficial for companies.

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