Apple’s New Macbook

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Last week, Apple announced its new Macbook, which is a huge game changer and disrupter in not only the world of laptops, but in tablets as well. The iPad has been a long time rivalry with the Microsoft Surface, with the argument that more can be done on the surface since it is running Windows and the iPad runs iOS. In my opinion, with the MacBook’s new features it seems to be disrupting its own product line since the incumbent was the iPad (vs. the surface). Do you think the new MacBook is disrupting its own industry?



2 Responses to Apple’s New Macbook

  • 1.1 or 1.2 GHz processor for $1,300? It’s not disrupting anything.

  • When I read your post, I immediately looked up the details of the new Macbook assuming that they finally gave it touch screen support and made it more of a “hybrid” tablet/laptop. What I found was just the typical Apple strategy of making things smaller (or in this case, thinner), prettier, and more powerful. I don’t think the new Macbook is disrupting its own industry/product line in the context of the iPad because it is still what it always has been: a laptop. It hasn’t crossed that line into a tablet yet, even though it is a lot thinner now. The iPad remains distinct because it runs on a mobile operating system (iOS), as you pointed out, while the Macbook is a traditional “full-experience” laptop running OS X. The surface is a true hybrid of the two, which gives it a competitive advantage that the new Macbook doesn’t address. As Thomas pointed out, the price point is also way too high to be disruptive, especially when the Surface, which runs the full-blown Windows operating system experience, offers the best of both worlds for cheaper, no matter which model you get.

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