Does Your Whole Home Need Antivirus Now??


Does Your Whole Home Need Antivirus Now_ – WSJ

I was happy to see this article, because my parents just recently put a security system in their home that they can access via mobile devices to unlock doors, etc. I told them I was pretty sure that makes them more vulnerable, but I was not positive. After discussing my concern with one of my IT security managers at work I found out they are without a doubt more vulnerable. When accessing your home security system via mobile device you are using wireless connection and wireless transmissions are not always encrypted. Information such as e-mails sent by a mobile device is usually not encrypted while in transit. In addition, many applications do not encrypt the data they transmit and receive over the network, making it easy for the data to be intercepted. For example, if an application is transmitting data over an unencrypted WiFi network using http (rather than secure http), the data can be easily intercepted. When a wireless transmission is not encrypted, data can be easily intercepted. Data such as a mobile security application that unlocks your home doors, and turn off your security system.

Even though this device isn’t functioning 100% correct as yet it still is an innovative idea, which will create a new market.

What is everyones thought on this home security issue?


Does anyone have a security system they can access via mobile device?

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  • This is an idea that never even crossed my mind- that wireless enabled security systems are more vulnerable. I know that parts of our system are wireless enabled, and I think that this shows how even though our society is constantly moving towards making things easier, quicker, faster, etc. – it’s not necessarily getting safer. It shows an interesting tradeoff between convenience and safety that is a little frightening honestly.

  • As homes become more “connected,” I agree that they definitely need to have more security. Unless we can make these security systems completely secure, then, as your security manager said, they can end up just being counterintuitive. All it takes is for one hacker to know how to disable a security system, and he/she will have access to your home.

    For the time being, I don’t think enough homes incorporate these technologies yet to make it much of a threat yet. The logic is similar to why there is the false notion of Macs not getting any viruses — there just aren’t enough people using them to justify hacking them. However, as more and more incorporate wireless technology like your parents had installed (which will no doubt the case), then the security threat will continue to increase.

    I was unaware of the Box as described in the article, but I’m glad to learn of its existence. Hopefully they will be able to make it 100% functional in the near future. No matter how effective it may be, however, I’m afraid that hackers will always be one step ahead. They’ll always find a way.

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