Michelle Purnama

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


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MIS Coursework

MIS 0855 – Data Science

Data Science is designed to introduce students to data visualization by understanding ways data is stored, organized, and analyzed to enable better decisions. Students learn how to use the data visualization software Tableau, which proves to be very useful in presenting data visually in a more impactful and persuasive manner.

MIS 2901 – Honors Information Systems in Organizations

As an introductory course for management information systems (MIS), this course explains the applications of MIS in business today, such as customer relationship management systems, enterprise systems, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc. Students learn various tools and techniques in identifying, analyzing, and evaluating business processes, which are the foundation of MIS. These tools and techniques include Google Analytics, SalesForce, Visio, swimlane diagram, and ERD.

In this class, I created a mini case that consists of a narrative explaining a business process, a swim line diagram illustrating the step-by-step process, and an entity relationship diagram illustrating the data associated with the process. Out of all of the student submissions, my mini case was selected to be the exam prep material for all sections of MIS 2101 and MIS 2901 in Spring 2017 through Spring 2018.

Here is my mini case that has been modified by the Diamond Peer Teacher for the purpose of  the exam prep.

MIS 2502 – Data Analytics

Data Analytics is focused on learning how to analyze, operate, and design business databases. Students learn how to use softwares such as MySQL and R to solve business problems by analyzing data. The ability to use these analytics tools is critical to enable students to present insights from business data, which will allow the audience to make more informed decisions.

MIS 3406 – Enterprise IT Architecture

This class teaches the basics of modern enterprise architecture which is integrated into the business and focuses on people, information, governance, process, and technology in the hyper connected enterprise.We learn how to discover the trade-offs between technologies, how they relate to business value, and how to utilize computing platforms to create value within an organization.

This class is divided into two major components: Tech Challenges and Flash Research Papers.

Click here to look at some of my flash research papers.

Other Relevant Coursework

SGM 0827 – Creativity & Organizational Innovation

This course is designed to help students develop important life skills while learning to creatively solve problems through a number of real-world innovation challenges. This course focuses on creativity as a driver of organizational innovation to provide value and ensure long-term survival.  Being more creative and appreciating how and why modern organizations function the way that they do will help you to be more valuable, more employable, more innovative, and more entrepreneurial.

A project that I did in this class is to design a Kickstarter campaign to promote a business idea that has a social impact yet is economically sustainable—a multi-bottom-line organization. My team’s idea is CusCake (Custom Cake): an app that provides customized-desserts buying and selling experience for both customers and freelance bakers.

Below is our Kickstarter video and here is our website.


BA 2996 – Honors Business Communications

Business Communications is a writing-intensive, workplace-oriented course designed to help students develop and refine the oral, written, and analytical skills necessary to communicate effectively in professional settings. Many companies consider communication as today’s most important skill, thus it is important for students to be able to deliver a certain message to an audience in a concise, direct, yet persuasive manner. This course supplements the technical skills that students gain from MIS courses.

Nychella – Make Way for Books from Michelle Purnama

Professional Achievements

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