Michelle Purnama

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


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E-Portfolio Tip of The Month

Fall 2018 – May 2019

A recent project that I started in Fall 2018 is “E-portfolio Tip of the Month,” where I publish a monthly tip for 400+ MIS students to enhance their digital brand through their e-portfolios. I lead the initiative in ideation, content creation, and publication of these monthly tips.

Creating an e-portfolio is a requirement for every MIS student, and although the basic functionality is quite intuitive, there are various functions/features that are not as obvious. Knowing how to utilize these additional features to strategically showcase their personality, experience, projects, and other attributes will enhance the quality of their e-portfolio and set them apart from other students who don’t.

Click on the link(s) below to view my past tips:

  1. Link Your LinkedIn Profile to Your E-portfolio
  2. Uploading PDFs
  3. Adding Sub-Menus
  4. Creating Favicons
  5. Personalize Your Point Submissions
  6. Embedding SlideShare


Faerie E-Commerce Website

During my PM Internship with Tapp Network, I got take the lead on building an e-commerce website on Shopify for a lifestyle blogger and fashion influencer. This project was my personal favorite because unlike other projects where I hopped on midway, I was involved in this project right from the start, which gave me the freedom to decide how I wanted the website to look like based on the client’s high-level objectives and vision.

My contributions for this project are as follows:

  • Gathering and documenting requirements from client meetings
  • Ideation – brainstorming of website theme, layout, and product placement to deliver the desired impact and convey the right message based on client’s high-level concept
  • Iteration & Prototyping – putting together the first MVP on Shopify for client sign-off, and then continuously iterating based on client’s feedback
  • Customizing various features that are unsupported by Shopify to fit the needs of the client

Although I did not get to finish this project and had to hand it over after the end of my internship, I provided the framework for it to allow for a smooth transition to the next team to complete it.

Check out the website here!


Professional Achievements

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