Michelle Purnama

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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Information Technology Assistant

CURRENT ROLE – MIS 3535: Lead Global Digital Projects

August 2019 – Present


MIS 3406: Enterprise IT Architecture

January – May 2019

After working closely with Professor Mart Doyle as his Diamond Peer Teacher for MIS 2901: Honors Information Systems for Organizations in Fall 2018, I have the honor to continue working with him as his Information Technology Assistant (ITA) for two sections of MIS 3406: Enterprise IT Architecture class.

My main responsibility is to provide academic and technology support to a combined 120 students through office hours and evaluating exams.

I am excited for this role because this is the only MIS course where students learn how to learn a new technology by tinkering and struggling with virtual machines. When I took this class, my ITAs were incredibly helpful in making me understand the rationale behind every step instead of merely following the steps blindly. I want to do the same to the current students!

MIS 2502: Data Analytics

January – May 2018

In Spring 2018, I became an Information Technology Assistant (ITA) for a section of MIS 2502: Data Analytics class.  My main responsibilities include assisting my professor with evaluating and assigning grades for 15 in-class exercises and 9 assignments throughout the semester. On top of that, I also hold office hours to help 60 students with any questions regarding course materials relating to designing database systems and analyzing business data using various concepts and tools such as ER Diagrams, Database Schema, MySQL, and RStudio. Lastly, I went above and beyond in my role by identifying and correcting errors in Excel formula, grading rubrics, and student submissions to prevent inaccuracy in grading.

I enjoy this role because I am able to work closely with my professor and to help my peers in class as I was once in their shoes. Also, assuming the role of an ITA allows me to retain and deepen the knowledge and skills that I’ve learned from this class, which is really important to me particularly because it is my favorite MIS class so far, and it was this class that convinced me to commit to MIS as my major.


Professional Achievements

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