A Real Rival to Cable TV…For a Price


PlayStation Vue Review: A Real Rival to Cable TV…For a Price – WSJ


Sony presents PlayStation Vue that allow the uses to stream live TV and DVR in the cloud.  It is hard to really determine where Sony was going with this new idea seeing how it can touch so many companies and markets.

What market do you see this disruption falling under? Why?

With the price being so high I do not see how it would be able to push TiVo out of the picture, but it is the first real internet service to threaten cable TV. Vue allows you to also DVR to the cloud which means no more worrying about running out of storage. Pretty awesome innovation, and will be interested to see how PlayStation hones in on the application, price, and easy of use.



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  • This is interesting, and I’m surprised Sony is pursuing a move such as this. After reading the WSJ article, I was confused as to why someone would want this over a traditional cable subscription or DVR box (the two markets I see them trying to disrupt, to answer your question). One could argue that its simplified programming lineup could appeal to overshot consumers who don’t need the hundreds of channels offered by cable giants, but the high price point takes away the allure of investing in this alternative. Besides minor benefits such as a better UI (user interface) that caters to shows instead of channels, the only true benefit I see to Vue in its current state is its “DVR in the cloud” service, which I found to be innovative since it removes the physical storage barrier.

    There is potential for Vue to become more differentiated in the future through software updates, since it is internet enabled, but in its current state I fail to see it disrupting either the cable TV or DVR industry. If anything, it’s a nice alternative for gamers or media buffs who already own a PlayStation 3 or 4 and want to add Vue to their entertainment center repertoire. As the owner of a PS3, and with Philadelphia being one of the 3 cities it’s rolled out in so far, I wish there was a free trial for me to test the service for a true evaluation.

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