Temple Learning Platform at Loyola University and KIPP Charter School

What if there was a tool that created an educational environment that didn’t just teach but engaged students so that learning was communal—an interactive social activity, not a static one-way street of facts and stats flowing from teacher to student?And suppose that same tool allowed high school kids to learn how to manage their digital lives and, as those kids became college students, gave them a chance to build their online professional presence.

That tool exists, and it was built by Fox School’s Management Information Systems department.  This year it was used not just by Fox MIS, but by college students at Loyola University Maryland and by high schoolers at KIPP DuBois Collegiate Academy, in Philadelphia.

The Temple Community Platform is a Web 2.0, cloud-hosted platform based on WordPress. It allows students to create profiles and maintain e-portfolios of their work.  Professors and administrators also have profiles, plus share assignments and course descriptions.  All users comment and share– some blog and post articles.

Plus, it’s gamified.  Students get points for their efforts.

Loyola UniversityAt the Loyola University Maryland’s Sellinger School of Business and Management, Professor and DeFrancis Scholar in Information Systems, Paul Tallon, read about MIS students using e-portfolios at a Fox career fair. Tallon was intrigued.  “It whetted my appetite because we talked about doing something like that,” he said.

Tallon reached out to do some fact gathering, and shortly thereafter found himself running a pilot program at Loyola, with the platform hosted and supported by Temple. The first semester the platform was up and running, Tallon made creating an e-portfolio a class requirement in one of his courses.  Twenty-eight students went step-by-step through the process of creating a deliberate digital identity. 

Tallon said, “I’m convinced this is the way to go.”  By using a platform that works the way Facebook and LinkedIn work, but is specifically for educational and professional purposes, students learn to post and interact in ways that are more polished than on social media sites.

By the end of the year, more than 60 Loyola business school students had created e-portfolios.  Tallon thinks that, moving forward, sophomores should be using the platform as part of their required Intro to Information Systems class. At that point they “should have a resume and be interested in internships.”

With the Temple and Loyola platforms, future employers can search the e-portfolios, looking for specific skill sets and experience and see the resumes and projects that have been posted.  This helps match students with the right internship—and, eventually, the right job.

KIPP PhiladelphiaThe second pilot program took place at KIPP DuBois Collegiate Academy, in Philadelphia (a public charter school in an historically underserved area of the city). Rachel Kyler, a teacher and the Director of College Placement, explained that at the high school level the community platform is closed to outsiders, due to a need for student privacy, but open to the school community.

But, like the business schools, one of the major goals of KIPP is to prepare kids for the working world. To be successful, they need to develop “soft skills (like) networking” and to work at internships, Sarah Gomez, Managing Director of KIPP Through College said.

The platform (note: link leads to password protected site) was rolled out to more than 100 11th graders as part of their Junior College Seminar.  The goal was to give the students a place put their resume, showcase their work and communicate with each other about their internships over the summer.

The feedback from the students is positive, Kyler said. “They’re excited about communicating and connecting—they can share what’s working at their internships.”

The platform helped streamline the internship process for the school staff, and will help with both accountability and helping kids overcome challenges during the summer.

Plus, “It’s good college prep because colleges are moving in this direction.”

The Temple Community Platform was conceived in 2008 for the Fox School’s Department of Management Information Systems and since inception has hosted 7300+ members, 5900+ sites, 1200+ e-portfolios, 17,000+ posts, 48,000+ comments, and 300+ courses. It is being used by Temple’s School of Tourism and the Fox School’s Department of Human Resource Management and talks are underway to expand use at Loyola University.

Temple’s AIS Student Chapter wins 1st again – for 4th consecutive year!

AIS 2015 ConferenceTemple’s AIS Student Chapter won big again at the Sixth Annual AIS Student Leadership Conference and Competition receiving first and second place. These victories mark four straight years of Temple’s clinching a first-place at the AIS conference – further affirming a remarkable year for the chapter, which was recently named Distinguished Chapter by the Association for Information Systems (AIS).

Held over April 9-11, 2015, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and hosted by the University of Alabama, the AIS conference hosted about 300 participants from schools around the globe, whose student teams had the opportunity to enter into various competition tracks. Fox MIS students competed in the IS that serves society track.

  • 1st Place: Ken Wunderle and James Dantonio for MyPhilly Access
    A city-wide network of kiosks that would provide essential information for the homeless population of Phila.  It is a very simple interface to allow people with varying levels of literacy and technical ability to be able to access vital information on housing, food, medical services, emergency housing, job training, and counseling.
  • 2nd Place: Stephen Scanlon, Peter Hwang, Jack Portnoy, and Matt Keenan for Got Your Back
    Designed to create transparency between Law Enforcement and Society.  Incorporates Google Glass to live stream video and data to the dispatcher, while storing the information in a Cloud database.  A real-time “second set of eyes” promotes greater safety and informed decision making for police officers in the field, and will significantly enhance both officer accountability and evidence gathering.

The AIS conference’s goal is to connect students, faculty, and corporate representatives, share best practices on operating and funding the chapter, and foster valuable (and competitive) information-system based activities. This year, as with previous years, Temple was more than up to the challenge.

Congratulations to the Temple champions!

Alum Ron Riddell ’68 endows 100K scholarship

When Ron Riddell graduated with a B.B.A. from Temple in 1968 computers were, he says, a “mystic temple in society.” But, armed with his degree, Riddell found himself in the computer field, and wound up, nearly 40 years later, with a successful career as a mainframe programmer. He’s currently a system support analyst and Assistant Vice President at Wells Fargo Bank.

Part of the achievement he attributes to luck, but “with out a degree at Temple I wouldn’t have gotten where I’m at…it opened doors to reasonable success.”

Now he’s helping other Temple students get their degrees, and have a chance at finding open doors, by funding the Ron and Ronda Riddell Endowed Scholarship with a $50,000 gift which is being matched by the Fox School for a total endowment of $100,000.

Munir Mandviwalla, Associate Professor and Chair, MIS, says the gift is “transformational because it will support hard working Temple students who choose business technology as a career. It is also the first such gift in the short history of the department.”

Riddell understands hard work and tight finance. He chose Temple because he could afford the tuition and live at home (commuting to class was common at the time). He got a further boost about two years into his studies. Temple became “state-related,” a designation that Pennsylvania gives universities that are independently run, but receive financial appropriations—in exchange for offering tuition discounts to students that are residents of Penn.

It was while he was at school that he met his future wife, Ronda Currens, although she didn’t attend Temple. The two met at church and she was only in Philly for a year before going home to Minneapolis. “ Four and a half years, and a lot of phone calls later,” the two married.

A job at Philco was Riddell’s first open door. After 18 months in production, he moved into programming. At the time, Philco was heavily involved in defense contracting, including work with NASA. His first computer was a Burroughs with 256 kilobytes. “I’ve got more memory sitting in my programmable alarm clock,” he points out.

The position at Philco lead to a stint at The Franklin Mint, then years of work at Combustion Engineering (a company who, at the time, was a leader in the development of both fossil and nuclear steam supply power systems.)

Then he took a job with Fidelity Bank and he’s now bee n in banking for 30 years.

“I didn’t build a better mousetrap. I got lucky getting a job in computers when demand was high.” Riddell says. He also invested, and lived a comfortable but modest life with Ronda (who succumbed to MS in 2009).

He wanted to do something that was large enough to make an impact, and the endowed fund does just that.

He also hopes that naming the scholarship after his wife, Ronda, will help people remember her. She was with him for 45 years.

Most importantly, though, “if it helps get a kid through college” then Riddell’s more than happy to have made sure doors continue to open.

Creative Capstone Projects Cap Off 2014

FOX MIS Capstone 2014

A little friendly competition and a lot of hard work are the hallmarks of the Fox School of Business Management Information Systems Capstone Project Showcase, an event where teams of MIS seniors present their final projects.Last semester, though, fun won out over hard, when a panel of judges awarded first prize to the team that built findr, a mobile app that sends people out, scavenger hunt style, into the city of Philadelphia tracking down fun things to do, see and eat.

Giovanna Corridoni, a recent MIS and International Business graduate who was part of the winning team, says that creating a capstone project is, “intense, more intense than a paper or a case study.”

One of the hardest parts was figuring out what to do in the first place, she says.  The team wanted “something worth doing” that could have a solid business plan.  If they didn’t create something people wanted to do, or buy, “what’s the point?”

Jordan Szenicer also said that agreeing on a viable idea was tough.  The five person team (which included himself, Corridoni, Jalen Blot, Matt Philips and Chaitra Nataraj) had two brainstorming sessions with no big epiphany until he shared his own wish that sites like Yelp served as better guides for urbane exploration.  “I wished there was something that just scouted out a day for me.”

So that’s what they built. 

The application is designed to take the user from point to point in a city, with incentives for visiting each spot. Take a picture at the Rocky statue and get the address of a great restaurant; go to the restaurant and get a free appetizer. Then continue onto a concert that the app tells you is happening—rather than hearing that a great band is town too late to get to the show.

The revenue stream would come from partnering with restaurants, Corridoni says, and the target market was 18 to 35 year olds— people who want to explore, but are overwhelmed with choices so “always go back to the same restaurant.

The road to completing the explore and enjoy app wasn’t smooth.  Both Szenicer and Corridoni say that there was a last minute scramble to pull everything together.

But they pulled it off, and won.  The actual prize was 100 Diamond Dollars for each member of the team, but Corridoni says the reward was really that she got to use her skills to create something awesome.

Alumnus Ben Hasan, Senior Vice President, IT Strategic Services, at Walmart, served as the team’s mentor and thinks they won because both the product and the presentation was the best.

Szenicer says, “After our presentation ended, I knew at that moment that we won. I was so proud of all of us. I just felt so great in what we had achieved.”

Of course, just completing and presenting a capstone project is quite an achievement. 

Other projects presented at the December event included:

Rapid Rampup
A gamification-based app that aims to reduce the time it takes for new-hires to become 100% proficient in their job.
Mentor: Michael Bradshaw

Ian Johnson
Jude Habib
Daniel Hoffens
Brandon Warech

The smartphone application and dashboard provide schools and local police with a tool to better respond, secure, and evacuate during a school shooting.
Mentor: Bruce Fadem

Corey Kalkanoglu
Josh Meth
Michael Nguyen
Karrie Burgess

HealthFit Pro
HealthFit Pro is a lifestyle application that enables diabetic and non-diabetic users to take control of their health by monitoring their diet, exercise and glucose readings.
Mentor: Tim O’Rourke

Mathew Cotton
Kira Greenlee
Mahfuz Hassan
Veer Patel
Jerrin Raju

ZAP is a gamified energy management app. that displays real-time energy use relative to other citizens with similar homes in their zip code, city, or state.
Mentor: Jeff Hamilton

Steven Cawley
Michael Fracas
Jonathan Gavala
Alexandra Guilford
John Hendricks

TIM- Time is Money
TIM is a mobile app that allows people to outsource waiting in line, so they can best take advantage of all of their free time.
Mentor: Joseph Spagnoletti

Jesse Dahms
Zachary Silverstein
Thane Tagg
Rachael Voluck
Christopher Pak

New MS Digital Innovation in Marketing is a next generation 100% online program

FOX MS Digital Innovation in MarketingThe new Master of Science – Digital Innovation in Marketing is a new type of 100% online degree that prepares digital marketing leaders and innovators. The program prepares students on how to apply exciting new technologies and measure with sophisticated analytics. The next generation online approach focuses on high engagement, networking, and professional development. The program is designed for working professionals who want to learn part-time.

  • Become a leader in driving technology enabled transformation of the marketing function
  • Develop a digital marketing plan
  • Apply the latest digital innovations such as mobile, social media, location based services, and big data to marketing campaigns
  • Integrate marketing, advertising, sales and logistics across physical and digital channels
  • Collect, analyze, and interpret digital marketing data to inform decision-making.

A team of nationally recognized digital marketing innovators will guide the program and students.

If you are ready for the revolution, click here.

Three Fox MIS Students exemplify academic & professional achievement

An MIS degree from the Fox School of Business reflects far more than hours spent in the classroom. Beyond the program’s  top-ranked courses are extensive and required opportunities for students to gain professional and academic experience, including scholarships, internships, career advancement, and friendly competition with peers.

Three students have seized these opportunities — Tyler Nelson, Elizabeth Calise, and Horatio Thomas – each taking full advantage of what the MIS program has to offer, and exemplifying Temple’s ongoing commitment to excellence.

tyler nelsonBeginning this Fall of 2014, the Fox IT Advisory Board launched a new scholarship program that awards $50,000 annually to standout students. Among the first roster of recipients was Tyler Nelson, Class of 2016, who was delighted to be selected. “I felt accomplished knowing that I was being recognized for my academic work,” he said.

The IT Advisory Board seeks students who exhibit academic achievement, previous accomplishments, future potential, and maintain a top-notch e-portfolio. For Nelson, the scholarship was an affirmation of his decision to study MIS. “[It] came at a time when I was already interested in Management Information Systems, and it helped to solidify where I felt I belonged. Since I started attending Temple, I have always had something to do, places to go, and goals to aim for.”

Beyond this exciting new scholarship, there are many other ways in which an MIS student can distinguish him or herself.

Year-round, all those enrolled in the program can earn Professional and Academic Achievement Points. These points are tallied then translated to online public rankings – ultimately eligible to be redeemed for Temple merchandise at an online “Points Store.” The result is a spirited, fun exchange that helps foster incredible student achievement.

Elizabeth Calise is among the Leaderboard’s top Academic students, while Horatio Thomas is a “Grand Master” on the Professional Achievement scale – the highest possible ranking.

elizabeth caliseCalise, Class of 2016, is pursuing dual degrees at MIS and International Business, and began her college career in Virginia before transferring. “Moving to Philadelphia and attending Temple brought a wealth of new experiences, perspectives, and opportunities. All of these combined have positioned me to achieve tremendous success both personally and academically.”

She credits her accomplishments to her “amazing mentors within the faculty and my outstanding peers that have supported and helped me since day one.”

Horatio Thomas Walmart PictureHoratio Thomas, currently a Grand Master (meaning, he has earned over 2,000 points) is an MIS and Accounting double major. A glance at his online portfolio helps explain his Grand Master status; he is the current President of the Association for Information Systems and spent this past summer interning in the Innovations Lab at the world’s largest company, Wal-Mart.

Horatio credits his success to the overwhelming support of his professors, faculty, AIS officers, and friends at Temple.

“My favorite part…is the access [Temple] gives you to opportunities to develop yourself personally and professionally.”

These three students’ stories are emblematic of what the Fox MIS program has to offer. And for every Tyler, Elizabeth, and Horatio are dozens of other students who are similarly striving for academic and professional excellence.

Top 15 (again!)

US News and World Report – Fox BBA in MIS

For the third year in a row, the Fox School’s Department of Management Information Systems (MIS) Bachelor of Business Administration major in Management Information Systems (BBA MIS) is listed in the 2015 US News and World Report Undergraduate Business Specialties Ranking (note: link requires login). In the 2015 ranking, which is based on data from 2014, FOX MIS moved up one slot to 13th in the United States.

The top 15 ranking follows a comprehensive program review in which FOX MIS was named ‘a major national player’. In 2014, the department garnered a No. 1 Research ranking for publications in top journals by the Association for Information Systems.

The FOX BBA in MIS is one of the most innovative undergraduate MIS programs in the nation and focuses on producing digital business innovators.

Strengths of the program include: AIS student participation, e-portfolios, 100% placement, point system for encouraging participation, culture of friendly competition, and enthusiasm for the major.

MIS Program Review, 2014

BBA in MIS students learn how to analyze systems, requirements, enterprise architecture, and digital innovation strategy, and unlike many other programs, students also learn how to build digital business models, storyboard and code new ideas, and apply analytics to identify new opportunities.

Mart Doyle, Assistant Chair and Program Director

The FOX BBA in MIS is pioneering a continuous professional achievement program that encourages and rewards students who invest in learning how to network, personal growth, and individual brand management.

Munir Mandviwalla, Associate Professor and Chair

IT Career Fair on September 24, 2014

IT Career FairThe Institute for Business and Information Technology (IBIT) announces the Fox IT Career Fair on September 24, 2014 (Wednesday) from 11am-3pm in Alter Hall.

Interact with top employers who are interested in recruiting Fox MIS, ITACS, ITM, Digital Marketing, and ITIE students (majors and minors, grad and undergrad).  Twenty employers including Merck, Campbell Soup Company, Lockheed Martin, Walmart, Electronic Ink, LiquidHub, Wells Fargo, GlaxoSmithKline, Cigna, PwC, Vanguard, and Deloitte have already confirmed their participation to recruit for full-time and internship positions.  See: http://ibit.temple.edu/careerfair.

These employers have made a commitment to your program and major, and to the nationally ranked FOX Department of Management Information Systems.  To participate in the career fair you will need:

  1.  To be CSPD’d
  2.  An approved eportfolio listed on the FOX MIS Community eportfolio site at: http://community.mis.temple.edu/eportfolios/
  3. Completed registration on http://ibit.temple.edu/careerfair/about/attendance-and-registration/.  The deadline is September 12, 2014.

In order to have an approved eportfolio you must submit it to the above site for approval.

Each student that registers by the deadline will receive free special business cards to hand out to employers at the Fox IT Career Fair.  These business cards will list your name, major, email address and will have a QR code so that the employer can scan to access your eportfolio.  Only these special business cards are allowed at the career fair.

Temple AIS wins 2013 Student Chapter of the Year

aissliderThe Association for Information Systems (AIS) has named Temple AIS Chapter of the Year, the highest honor any student chapter can receive. And it’s not just for the glory, either: with this distinction comes $1,000 in grant money, allocated for 2013 student initiatives.

Temple’s first place win follows three years of having been named runner-up as Outstanding Chapter, and reflects incredible dedication from its student members. A committee of faculty and students oversaw this year’s rigorous selection process, poring over annual reports to find the chapter with the most “exceptional, well-rounded, and organized program,” notes AIS.

We have continued our legacy of offering our members the best in professional development and networking opportunities. Each one of my twenty officers has been working like crazy to make sure we pull all of this off seamlessly. It is a pretty awesome group of students. We have the most intelligent and creative students in the Fox School.

Josh Wise, Chapter President

Founded in 1994, AIS is the world’s premier organization for academics specializing in Information Systems. The Chapter of the Year recipient must “lead the research, teaching, practice, and study of information systems worldwide,” says the organization.

Chapter of year

As its 2013 title indicates, Temple AIS set benchmarks for other chapters, fostering an environment in which its members could thrive in the field of IS and as a cohesive community. Chapter President Joshua Wise attributes much of his chapter’s success to the group’s unique personality and culture of “entrepreneurial spirit” — comprising a buoyant blend of teamwork, fun, and (friendly) competition. “We like to challenge each other and find new ways of doing things,” notes Wise.

Among the chapter’s banner accomplishments and offerings in 2012-2013:

  • Top placement in every category entered at last year’s 2013 AIS Competition, hosted by Walmart in Bentonville, Arizona (Two 1st place finishes; one 2nd and one 3rd place ranking)
  • $5,000 in prize money invested in the Patriot Fund
  • Over 175 members, and a spike in meeting attendance (tracked via an attendance program coded by AIS officers)
  • Professional development and networking events with speakers from Comcast, NBC Universal, Cigna, Ernst and Young, AstraZeneca, and J.P. Morgan
  • Workshops every Friday and Saturday featuring technical training intensives
  • Well attended social events and community service initiatives, including $800 raised for CHOP and computer repair for non-profits

Current officers of AIS include:

Fox IT Advisory Board chooses winning BBA in MIS capstone project

ProjectShowcaseFox BBA in MIS students produced nine capstone projects in fall 2013. Under the guidance of industry mentors, the students designed and presented their creations for review to the Fox IT Advisory Board, an illustrious committee comprised of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The roster of projects was particularly impressive this year, said professor and facilitator Munir Mandviwalla — a true testament to the quality of the BBA in MIS curriculum as well as the efficacy of each mentorship. After difficult deliberations, the board chose the project titled Groupstir as winner and recipient of an IBIT sponsored $500 prize.

“Groupstir, the brainchild of students Brian Schwitters, Jonathan Abraham, Brandon Roberts, and Scott Pawlowski and mentored by Joseph Spagnoletti of Campbell’s Soup, is a direct-to-consumer promotion platform designed specifically for restaurants, which enables businesses to increase volume during off-peak hours and create a social, engaged experience for its customers.

Members of our group have worked in the restaurant industry, and we discussed various ways to increase customer volume during off-peak hours…We really enjoyed getting to work with our mentor Joe Spagnoletti, and it was most rewarding to witness his excitement of our vision.
Groupstir member: Jonathan Abraham.

For the 2013 Spring semester members of the Fox School of Business IT Advisory Board volunteered as ‘mentors’ to student project teams in the MIS 4596 Information Systems Integration class. The mentors’ experience with the student project teams was so successful and enjoyable that there were many volunteers for [this] semester.
Fox IT advisory board Chairman Bruce Fadem

After such a fruitful project collaboration this year, Fox MIS looks forward to what students can cook up in 2014! Below is a recap of the rest of the group projects, followed by a complete list of the mentors. 

Stor.me 3D Printing Services

Danielle Heller, Damon Isaac, Jennifer O’Malley, Caitlin Carr; Mentored by Ben Hasan, SVP, Walmart
A 3D Printing Service site that allows consumers to make personalized objects via a user-friendly interface.

TUFTs (Temple University Food Trucks)

Sam Lee, Su Tan, Igor LEONOV; Mentored by Niraj Patel
A time-saving app that displays the menus and availability of every food truck on campus.

P3: Perfect Project Planner

Richard Somerville, Xiao Liu, Kenneth Ho, Sam Berkowitz; Mentored by Harold Hambrose, CEO, Electronic Ink
A flexible application tool that allows professors and students to manage tasks, optimize schedules, and submit documents.

Clear Construct

Dan Van Norton, Jeff Garvey, Joe Musumeci; Mentored by Michael Bradshaw, VP and CIO, Lockheed Martin
A smartphone-compatible project management application for architects that consolidates costs and manages their businesses.


Caleb Harris, James Gitto, Eugene Kim, Andrew Nguyen, Christian Markel; Mentored by Craig Conway, Conway Technology Consulting Inc.
A computer program that analyzes body language, hand gestures, voice projection and more to evaluate, and improve the presentation abilities a company’s employees.


Nicholas Nendel, Jason Pan, Timmy Tran, Peter Yum, Joanna Zuo; Mentored by Andrea Anania
A peer-to-peer commerce network that allows students to offer various activities (or “quests”) that are securely reimbursed upon completion.


Maria Collette, Souraya Esreb, Adnette Kamugisha, Yevgeniy Kravets, Magen Sheeran; Mentored by Tim O’Rourke, Temple University 
A mobile security application for student and faculty that’s integrated with campus police and Blue Light systems.

Fresh Choices

Derek Hamner, Zep Shemuale, Brett Bedevian, Eboni Strawder, Iyana Lester; Mentored by Jeff Hamilton, Pfizer
An application that works with Fresh Grocer to find students the best food deals that support healthy eating.

Fox IT Advisory Board


  • Bruce Fadem – Chair; Retired CIO and VP of Wyeth
  • Andrea Anania – Retired VP and CIO of Cigna
  • Tim O’Rourke – VP and CIO, Temple University
  • Craig Conway – CTO
  • Jeff Hamilton – SVP, Pfizer
  • Michael Bradshaw – VP and CIO of Lockheed
  • Harold Hambrose – CEO, Electronic Ink
  • Ben Hasan – SVP, Walmart
  • Niraj Patel – Chief Strategy Officer, Elsag North America
  • Joseph Spagnoletti – VP and CIO, Campbell Soup Company

Additional Feedback

  • Mart Doyle – Professor, Temple University
  • David Schuff – Professor, Temple University
  • Joe Allegra – Senior Program Coordinator


  • Munir Mandviwalla
  • Bruce Hohne

See all the pictures of the event on Flickr, click here!

Credits: Pictures, Joe Allegra

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